Wedding Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic source of wedding inspiration! Sarah Haywood is tweeting, as are the lovely people at English Wedding. One of my favourites is Tweet My Wedding who retweets wedding tweets made by your average tweeter. Following Tweet My Wedding gives you a look at what's going on in the wedding world at the bride level. 

Here are some of the my favourite tweets:

  • English Wedding - I love blog posts with photos! This blog post is filled with gorgeous photos! 
  • Bridal Coach UK - Michelle Paradise has so much experience and so many fantastic tips for brides, I always like looking at her tweets! In a recent post she said, 'TIP OF THE DAY~When given a compliment say "Thank you" instead of deflecting the compliment. You will both feel better about the exchange.' Fantastic advice! 
  • Sarah Haywood retweeted this website about wedding speech advice! Fantastic, fantastic advice! 
Keep checking back to this page for more retweeted posts!