Thursday, 29 December 2011

Evening Reception Music

The Do Not Play List

Music at an evening reception is very difficult to select. If you’re anything like me, your main priority for the wedding will be that everyone has a fantastic time.

A good way to have a fantastic time is to dance the night away but you’re not going to do that if you don’t like the music.

So, how do you please everyone?

This can be very difficult for a bride and groom who prefer an extreme genre of music. It can be hard to get Auntie Glenda up to dance to heavy metal or RnB music but then it’s your wedding, you should have the music you like.

It’s a toughie.


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Not Feeling Inspired?

Where to Find Inspiration!

All brides need a bit of inspiration, even brides like me who have been dreaming about their weddings since they were children need a little help with some ideas.

But where do you turn?

It’s alright advising brides to find inspiration but where do you start?

confused bride

There are masses of ideas out there for brides who want inspiration. If you want a more unique wedding there are less ideas, but if you’re going for the more traditional white wedding with the flowers and posh dress there are more ideas.

I’ve collected a few to get you started:

Where to Find Inspiration:

Wedding Blogs!

My blog isn’t very good for inspiration because it’s more of an advice blog, however there are some fantastic blogs out there with pictures of other people’s weddings where you can steal some fantastic ideas!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

It’s Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All My Blog Readers!

I just wanted to say a very merry Christmas to everyone visiting my blog today!

merry christmas

By the time this blog post appears on my blog, I will have given my family and h2b all their presents, will have opened all my presents and be completely stuffed from Christmas dinner!

I hope everyone visiting this blog is having a very merry Christmas too!

By the time this blog post goes out, my friend Joey will have got married to her long term boyfriend and I’d like to offer her my most sincere congratulations!

I love Christmas and would like to send out some happy Christmas wishes to everyone!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday, 23 December 2011

For the Grooms

Treat Your Bride

This is a blog post for the lads. Ladies, if you’d like to pop off and make a cup of tea, sit your h2b down in front of the computer and we’ll just have a quiet chat.

Has she gone? Right chaps, I know w2b has been a bit crazy recently, she’s been a bit stressed about the wedding. I know you’ve been doing your best to be patient and humour her but I think it’s important we do something nice for her.

Remember, she is working really hard to give you and your family and friends a beautiful wedding so doing something really special to make her smile would be nice.

happy bride and groom

picture from

Easy Day-to-Day Nice Things

It doesn’t have to be big extravagant gifts to make your bride happy while she’s planning your wedding. You could do very simple nice things for her that don’t cost anything at all!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wedding Makeup

Some How To Guides

If you’re like me, you will be asking a makeup artist to do your makeup. I’ve posted before about questions for your makeup artist, but what if you want to do your own makeup?

You could pop to a salon in the morning to have your hair done and then return home to apply your own makeup. It would save a few pennies at an expensive time and give a personal touch to your day.

Or maybe you’re a bridesmaid and you would like to help your bride to look her best on your wedding day. I’ve Googled the internet and searched You Tube for the best guides on how to apply wedding make up!

eye makeup

Monday, 19 December 2011

Mood Board

Not Feeling Inspired?

When the buzz of getting engaged starts to wear off and you have to get down to the nitty-gritty, it can seem a little difficult to get your ideas together.

Everything can seem a little overwhelming, suppliers will be making demands from you and you will want everything to match.

Do you go vintage? Do you go modern? What colours go together well? Do you want pastels, vibrant colours, the perfect mix of the two? Which colour goes well with orange? What if you want sunflowers but aren’t too keen on yellow?

The best way to manage your ideas is to make a mood board. This mood board will help your suppliers, will help your groom and… well, everyone involved in your wedding to understand where you are coming from.

You could even be brave and ask h2b contribute to the board!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Being a Bride

The Big Day Approaches

I was chatting to a bride today who was only at the beginning of her planning stages. She was asking me all sorts of questions about shoes, fabrics and colours, not that I’m the expert or anything, but it was really nice to see how another bride was thinking.

Now I’m down to just over 3 months to go, It’s really exciting!

3 months to go

I’m going to try to answer some of the bride’s questions in my blog just in case there are other brides who have the same questions.

Saturday, 3 December 2011


125 Days to Go!

It’s that time again where I update you as to where I am with everything. Things are actually progressing nicely!

Every bride and groom must make a ‘To Do’ list, if they are traditional or completely unique. It’s essential that you know what needs to be done and it’s quite satisfying ticking it all off!


Picture from Bash

It’s even better if you can sit down with your h2b and plan your check list together! My h2b wasn’t entirely sure what we needed for our wedding so I put the check list together but we worked closely on it. As we’re ticking bits off, we’re both feeling quite chuffed about it!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Shropshire Petals

Environmentally Friendly Confetti

A lot of churches and venues recently have began asking brides and grooms not to allow guests to throw confetti. It makes a mess, it’s not very environmentally friendly and it goes everywhere! In wet weather it can even stain your wedding dress!

However, it looks fabulous in wedding photos so what can you do?


When I was at the National Wedding Show in Birmingham I met the fantastic people at Shropshire Petals. Now, this was two and a half years before my wedding so I wasn’t going to order anything just yet, but I did take away a sample of confetti and have had it on my shelf ever since!


They provide confetti made out of delphinium petals. They are bright, colourful and 100% biodegradable! Venues and churches are more likely to let you throw dried petals than confetti and Shropshire Petals are very affordable!