Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Check List

We've set a date! We have chosen a date for our wedding. This all makes it seem that little bit more real. Fiancé didn't think we needed to set a date just yet but I pointed out that things need to get done and he relented. He says he can see how much it means to me! Next Easter I will be Mrs Wong!! Eeeeek!

Right, so we need to get things sorted! I've thought of a check list just to get my ideas in my head. There are lots of check lits out there, you can google search for some ( google search ) or there are loads in the wedding magazines, but I've prepared one here. A users guide to preparing for a wedding.

To start with:
  • Talk with my fiancé about the type of day we're going to have: is it a big do/a small do? Is it here or abroad?
  • What type of ceremony are we going to have? A church or a civil ceremony?
  • Decide on the budget
  • Start looking at venues - when you know venue capacity, you will know how many people you can invite!
  • Start attending wedding fayres! Even if you don't book anyone from a fayre you can see different suppliers and see different styles. Some suppliers take cakes, bouquets and samples to fayres so you can get a really good idea
Then (about a year before):
  • Ask your friends to be bridesmaids, but have a real think about it. Make sure you know who you want, girls who will be there for you no matter what!!
  • Book your ceremony!
  • Look at photographers and choose one
  • Begin looking for the dream dress!
  • Start thinking about your guest list - make some notes, group people by must haves, and maybes... this will be harder than you think!
Next (at about 9 months before):
  • Start visiting venues and trust your gut! If you love the first venue, then book it straight away. If you have to look at 10 venues until you find the dream venue then so be it. 
  • Try to order your dress about now, but some girls may find it harder to find the perfect dress, so don't worry too much
  • Choose and book your florist
  • After tasting some lovely cake samples, book your cake
  • Order or buy your stationary
  • Speak to your bridesmaids about their dresses, are you going to dictate to them what they're wearing or do they have a choice?
After that (at about 6 months):
  • Order the bridesmaid dresses you discussed
  • Book a honeymoon - yay!
  • Book your transport, if you're using any
  • Select a hair-dresser or makeup artist
  • If you're having a church do, select some readings and who will read them
  • Look into hotels for your guests
  • If you're getting wedding rings made, start getting them made now
Then (at about 3 months):
  • If you're not getting them made, look into buying them now
  • Send out your invites!! - I like that bit!
  • Think about what kind of wedding favours you want, and order them
  • Make sure you have your wedding night accommodation
  • Have some trials at your hair dresser and make-up artist
Next (at about 2 months):
  • Confirm your menu with your venue or caterer
  • If you have your RSVP's, you can start your seating plan
  • Choose your DJ and think about what music you want, how about your first dance music?
Then (at about 1 month to go):
  • Give all your suppliers' contact details to your venue so they can help if there's a problem
  • You will have your finally dress fitting!
  • Make sure your grooms men and ushers know what you want them to do
  • Make sure all your stationary such as menus and place cards
2 Weeks to Go!
  • Sort out your honeymoon clothes! Yay!
  • Make sure your photographer has all your 'must have' photos
  • Make sure you have everyone's thank you gifts all ready 
The Week Before
  • Check everything is organised for your honeymoon
  • Make sure everyone knows where they have to be, confirm times and details with key people
  • Have your wedding rehearsal
The Day Before Your Big Day
  • Sort out your nails, manicure at the very least! 
  • Make sure luggage and everything like that is where you want it
  • Sometimes you might need to take decorations to your venue
  • Finally, make sure you relax! 
That's a lot to think about! I think it helps to have these things broken down into chunks. It's important to remember this timeline isn't set in stone. You don't have to do all of the things in the list but it is a guide to help organise things. 

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