Monday, 31 January 2011

Building Some Ideas

Free Spreadsheet to Download

I have put all my ideas down on a spreadsheet! I thought it would be a good to share with other brides. 

I started with a list of all the things we would have to pay for: the church (or civil ceremony), the venue, the dress, et. Then I realised that it wasn't in enough detail for me to track through exactly what we need to pay for so I made some more worksheets, and linked them through to the totals on the main page. 

I've found it useful so far. I was able to put budgets in for how much I hope things are going to cost, and when I start visiting suppliers I will be able to aim for these kinds of prices. I know roughly how much my wedding is going to cost so I think I can bring it in within budget! Here's hoping!

My budget I'm aiming for is £16,000, including £2000 honeymoon. I have absolutely no idea if it will come in at this sort of budget but I can cross my fingers and use my budget sheet to help me. 

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