Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Our Wedding Rehearsal

We Got Pretend Married! Twice!

It was really surreal going to the church and getting married. For a start, we had a double wedding!

Our church is a very busy church, there are two weddings at our church on our wedding day. (We’re first!) So to save time, our vicar pretend married two of us at once.

2 couples

I’ll start from the beginning.

My niece and nephew were able to come to the rehearsal which was really nice. I’d popped round to my parents’ house to see my niece in her dress. (She looked so cute!)

I even had the chance to try my wedding dress on. It’s the first time since I’d picked it up from the dress shop and I’m really glad I did try it on.

Mum and I sorted out the logistics of actually getting the dress on without pulling it over my head and I managed to get into it without falling over! We struggled to do it up, but we managed to get it all done up and it felt really comfortable!

Once out of it, we headed over to the church.

the church

The other bride and groom gathered with their ushers and family and we were all there too.

We had a chat with the vicar and then were sent to the back of the church to practice walking up the aisle.

I was the awkward one, I wanted my bridesmaids to walk up the aisle first so we arranged ourselves appropriately and waited to walk up the aisle.

My dad seemed to enjoy the whole process, especially the giving me away part.

give me away

I was a bit nervous. I kept waving and smiling at everyone as I walked down the aisle.

I was a little bit nervous but I was bizarrely calm. I couldn’t believe how normal it felt. I had pictured that moment in my head ever since I was a little girl.

Once dad had pretended to give me away, it was time for H2b and I to say our vows.

saying vows

It was really strange saying our vows, looking up at my h2b. We kept making each other laugh, and making the vicar laugh too. Our friends were giggling.

We went through the ceremony, the hymns and the readings, and then went through where we’re going to stand in the church.

stand here

It was just so exciting to rehearse the wedding, with most of the bridesmaids and ushers and with my dad walking me down the aisle. It was useful, as h2b and I hadn’t chosen any witnesses yet! We had forgotten to think about it!

Only 2 days now until the Big Day. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!


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