Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Days to Go: 10

On Top of It All : –)

The world mainly. I’m so happy, so excited, so over the moon! Everything is progressing nicely and it’s all coming together!

It is really hard to realise that our wedding is only 10 days away. I can still remember telling everyone on Facebook that our wedding was 300 days away! It feels like yesterday!!

So much has happened since over the last few years: lots of my friends have got married, lots of my friends have had babies! I started a new job and had an Ofsted. We’ve had our hen and stag do’s and made a few more friends.

The whole experience has been a roller coaster ride and it’s not even finished yet!

I’ll update you with what’s been going on recently.

Just today…

I used Blurb to make a scrap book about our wedding. I included the photos I have of h2b in his suits, me in all the wedding dresses I tried on, photos of my hen do and h2b’s stag do, as a memory of our wedding preparation.

scrap book

I’ve blog posted about photo albums from Blurb before, and I was really impressed as the book arrived in under a week!

The quality of the book is really good, and where I’ve chosen photos where the quality isn’t good, the website warned me that these photos wouldn’t turn out too well (but I didn’t care!)

We are going to put this on the signing the guest book and photo mount table for guests to have a nosey through while they’re having welcoming drinks.

The scrap book was actually an idea I pinched from a friend who got married in 2010. Her dad is an avid photographer and he was collecting photos from their planning process. Obviously, any excuse to take photos sounds good to me!


One of the things I was worrying about was getting all the gifts into boxes and bags ready to hand out to our friends and family to say thank you for all their help, enthusiasm and support.

gift bags

That has been done!

I couldn’t find bags in the shops in town that were the same colour as our wedding scheme but I think these look pretty nice. I think I’m more excited about giving gifts than receiving them! I’m really looking forward to seeing what people think of the items we’ve bought them. We really tried hard to give gifts that meant something to our wedding, to us and to our friends and family.

Make Up Trial

It was lots of fun having my makeup done, having all that pampering. I didn’t realise it would take as long as it did and we almost missed the bridesmaid's dress fitting!

The makeup artist really did my make up the way I like it, and it was all lovely. When I saw some of my friends they described me as ‘glowing’ and ‘beautiful’ which was really nice. It didn’t look too different, but it was different enough to be special and flawless for the wedding.

I haven’t got a photo of the makeup trial! I was too shy to ask my bridesmaid or my brother to take a photo of me while I was getting my makeup done.

My Tiara

When I took one of my bridesmaids to try on her dress for her final fitting, I was able to pick up my tiara! That was exciting too! It’s been quite stressful this week, and having my tiara was like having a bit of sparkle in my life! Just what I needed to cheer me up!

Toilet Baskets

Progress has been made on the toilet baskets. One thing I missed was mints for both the gents and the ladies.

loo basket

As you can see from the photo, there’s a lot more in the ladies’ basket than the gents. Maybe it’s because I’m a lady and I know what we need.

In the ladies’ basket…

I’ve put: a comb, hair clips, sensitive plasters (in case anyone is allergic), hair spray, gel cushions for sore feet, nail files, nail scissors, clear nail varnish and deodorant spray.

In the gent’s basket…

I’ve put: deodorant spray, sensitive plasters, a comb and some nail scissors.

I’m going to get some tic tacs to put in each basket but do let me know if you think anyone needs anything else.


Our suppliers have been in touch and we’re making all our final payments. The vintage cars, the bus, the photographer and beautician, which is really nice to think that it’s all coming along.

Still To Do

  1. Sorting out the table decoration into the right boxes.

  2. Sending a table plan to the venue

  3. The photo wall

  4. Writing clear instructions for the venue so they know how we would like everything

  5. Writing a little sign to say, ‘Please sign the guest book’ and ‘Please use the photo wall’

And that’s it really! Everything is falling into place and we’re basically on top of it all! Yay!

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