Monday, 19 March 2012

Days to Go: 18

The Countdown Continues

It has been quite a while since my last blog post because we have been so busy! I have a rather busy job as well, so trying to do that and prepare for the wedding is making me super busy!

stressed bride

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(The post it notes are so so so true! My colleagues know! lol)

So many things have been done! It’s really exciting!

I can’t believe that it’s only 18 days away! I’m so excited,  I’m going to pop!

H2b and I have been a rather excited team, tackling all our tasks together. H2b is taking over from me when I need to do my day job and we’re working together to see what needs to be done, which is really nice.

It’s a very strange feeling to think I’m going to be a married woman in a few days! I mean, nothing will really change, except my name and my legal status, but it seems like such a huge thing to be married.

We have got loads of tasks for the wedding done….


All the gifts for everyone have arrived and are sitting on our dining table. I’m really looking forward to handing the gifts out during h2b’s speech and seeing what everyone thinks of what we’ve bought them.

I’d love to show you but it’s all a secret!

Engagement Photo Shoot


We had such fun at our engagement photo shoot! It’s actually a really strange feeling having someone to take photos of you, I’m really glad we had the shoot before the wedding!

It’s usually h2b or I taking the photos, and if we’re both in a photo then we have a remote and stick the camera on a tripod, actually having someone telling you where to stand and to turn around a little bit is really different. But heaps of fun!

Venue Meeting

We went to our reception venue last weekend and had a meeting with the wedding coordinator. We managed to get a lot of timings and orders sorted out.

The only thing is, when we went to the venue, my To Do list had 10 items on it. When we left, it had 22 items on it! It’s amazing how many things you don’t think of doing!

We both came away from the meeting with our venue with huge smiles on our faces! Everything was falling into place and we had a really good idea of how the day is going to go!

fave madeley pic


I was so surprised and secretly really relieved that my bridesmaids offered to help me do the favours!

We sat around with a glass of wine each and scooped mini eggs out of a 3kg bag! You have never seen so many mini eggs! I wish I’d taken a photo of it all because it really was a sight.

We are alternating organza bags with little boxes, so we filled the bags first and put them into a carrier bag and then scooped the remainder of the eggs into the boxes. The whole job was done in about 20 minutes! Bonus!

They are now waiting to be sorted into tables with the table names, confetti and menus.

My Dress

My dress is now stored at my parents’ house and hopefully will be stretched out so it doesn’t crease in the bag. I’m resisting the urge to constantly try it on so that it’s safe and sorted at home!

Table Names

I am rather pleased with my table names! I’ve made all the venue stationary myself, to cut costs (although I’m not sure that it did cut many costs) and I’ve enjoyed making my own items!

table names

We’ve named all the tables after places we’ve lived around the world, and added a little sentence to tell our guests why this part of the world is special to us.

Gents Suits

The last of the men have been measured for their suits! They all looked fantastic, especially my little nephew who looked so cute!

I paid for the suits, although we will have a few last minute checks and try-ons to make sure that everything fits as well as it possibly can.

man hands

The men who came with us looked really smart, it gave me an idea of what the day will be like! I can just imagine how they will all look standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me!

Still To Do…

  1. The name tabs so people know where they’re sitting

  2. The toilet baskets

  3. The photo wall

  4. Buying gift bags for the gifts

  5. Buy hair bands for the little bridesmaids

  6. The scrap book to show guests what’s been happening while we’ve been planning our wedding

  7. Printing our photos for the photo wall

  8. Writing clear instructions for the venue so they know how we would like everything

  9. Finding out about the cake so we know if we should ask for a circular or square cake stand

  10. Writing a little sign to say, ‘Please sign the guest book’ and ‘Please use the photo wall’

  11. Emailing the DJ about the music we’d like and our first dance

  12. Dividing all the table confetti so that we have enough for each table

  13. Collect and pay for the bridesmaid’s dresses

  14. Collect and pay for my tiara

All we really have left to do are the little twiddly bits, so that’s really good.

My aim is to get most of it done at least a week before the wedding so that all we really need to do is relax and meet everyone who’s flying over.

Fingers crossed everything goes according to plan!

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