Thursday, 1 March 2012

Getting the Buggar to Bustle

My Wedding Dress is Awkward

I love love love my dress. Every time I wear it I think it’s more and more beautiful: It squeezes me in, it’s sparkly, it’s got a fantastic skirt (in my opinion), I just think it’s amazing!

The only problem is, can I dance in it?

Every time I went out to look at a wedding dress, the one thing that h2b said to me was, “Make sure you can dance in it.” Now, I have blogged before about how difficult it was to find a wedding dress. I’m going to admit that being able to dance in the dress wasn’t the highest priority after the first 15 dresses.

All I wanted to do at that point was find a dress I liked!

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Now that I have my dress, and it’s been altered so that it fits, I’m starting to think about whether or not I can dance in it.

A large part of being able to dance in it is making it bustle. As I was standing there for my fitting, the seamstress was talking me through it all.

She shortened the dress for me and it looked really lovely but I was bending myself backwards trying to look at the back. I honestly didn’t realise how long the train was!

Single Loop Under Bustle

The first suggestion was a single loop under bustle. single loop under bustle

This is done by tying a piece of ribbon under the dress and a loop or button at the end of your train, they hook up together and keep your dress out the way.

This was a great idea except that my dress would not bustle that way.

The train as too long and the single loop under bustle meant that part of the train was trailing on the floor.

Three Loop Under Bustle

The next suggestion was three loops. 3 loop underbustle

The seamstress will attach three loops under your dress for your train to be attached to.

This was a great idea but still there were parts of the train trailing on the floor.

I had an awful image of my h2b being cross with me in the car on the way to the venue, “So, you can’t dance in that,” I imagined him saying!

We needed another suggestion!

Wrist Strap

I suggested this to the seamstress, even though I wasn’t too keen on the idea. writst strap

What they would have done with this idea was tie a small piece of ribbon through all the layers in the dress and make it large enough to slide over my wrist.

I wasn’t keen on the idea, however, because I’d find it uncomfortable with my hands tied up like that. I’d want to be free to wave my arms about.

The seam stress could see that I had my heart set on an under bustle so she made the final suggestion.

Five Loop Under Bustle

My seamstress has told me that she has never done a five loop bustle before. 5 loop under bustle

A five loop bustle is the same as a three loop bustle, only with two more loops!

This was the only way to scoop up all the train and make it possible to dance in.


Can You Dance in That?

So, my awkward dress seems to have been tamed. But, I am a bit worried that it will make dancing very difficult.

H2b is really worried that all this practicing will be wasted, but hopefully the five loop bustle will save us!

I’m not going to be trying my dress on again with the seamstress so I can only hope that mum works out how to hook up the hoops and it all comes together perfectly!

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