Wednesday, 7 March 2012

30 Days to Go

Checking the To Do List

As the days are ticking closer and closer to our big day, I’m getting more and more concerned that we have got everything ready.

Like most brides, I want our wedding to be perfect. I don’t want anything to go wrong or be forgotten, so with a month to go, I am checking and rechecking my To Do List.

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Going over my To Do list really helps me to calm down and realised that everything we have to do is manageable.

First Things First

I try to think about everything in chronological order, which is one of the main things that helps me to calm down. What do I need to do first?

Fake Tan

I’m really pale, to the point of looking unwell, so I have always strived for a tan. I don’t think I can tan healthily so I have opted for tinted moisturiser. I need to be really careful with streaking, and make sure that I cover all exposed bits of skin with moisturising cream.


I’m having my final hair cut and colour just over a week before the wedding. After going blond for such a long time, I’ve decided to go dark! In all the wedding magazines, they say not to change your mind about your hair at the last minute… but I did!

I have a makeup trial with the beautician in two weeks so I can get a feel for what my make up will look like.

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My wedding dress is pretty much finished and I’ll soon be collecting it to take home. My shoes and under garments are all organised and ready to go.

The bridesmaids’ dresses are being altered and I only need to have one final fitting.

The gents are being measured for their suits and we have a final fitting for those next week.

The adult bridesmaids have got their shoes and wotnot, and discussions are being had about the child bridesmaids shoes.


I saw the florist at the weekend and we got lots of things sorted out and pinned down. I now have a great idea of how our beautiful flowers are going to look!

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We’ve also had our final meeting with the church florist so all those flowers are sorted out too. Hopefully, we will be sharing the costs with another couple who are getting married on the same day as us so that is another bonus!


I have emailed the vintage bus company and the vintage car company to check in and make sure that everything is still on track.

We have had a final invoice for the bus and are awaiting a final invoice for the cars. They said that they would send the invoice soon.

Orders of Service

I have emailed the order of service to the stationary lady and she said she will get back to me quickly.

She’s made the invitations and the orders of service, basically anything that needed printing out. I’ve made the name tabs for the tables, the seating plan and I’m about to do the favours. This means that the venue won’t exactly match the church, but I’m pretty sure no one will notice.



We have a meeting with the photographer this weekend so we will have our engagement shoot and then talk about the shots that we really want.

I’m really looking forward to this meeting, h2b and I are keen amateur photographers and I think for us, the photos are really important.


We have had an updated details sheet from the venue and will be making an appointment for a final timing meeting.

Venue Stationary

The table plan is done! It took me hours but I finally managed to get it all done! Making sure that everyone would be on a table that would suit them was really difficult. We wanted everyone to be comfortable and happy, and create a party atmosphere but it wasn’t easy!

Hopefully, we managed it in the end.

And I have made all the little tabs that tell people where to sit at the table.


All I need now is for my dad to write the names on the card with his posh handwriting.

We have ordered the sweets for the wedding favours and will be making the wedding favours when I have a chance.


We need to speak to the DJ as soon as we can. I’ve just dug out his details from the wedding folder, as we booked him years ago through the venue, and I’ve sent him a quick reminder, so I await hearing from him.


We have the bridal party gifts, we’re just looking for parent gifts! I think we have found some beautiful things to give to our friends and family.

We want to show everyone how much we have appreciated their help, support and patience during the wedding planning process so putting a lot of thought into the gifts.


Something engraved seems to be the most popular choice and there are lots of websites that offer personalised items.

Photo Booth

As you saw in my last post, we have made heaps of progress with the photo booth! H2b has been working really hard with it and it’s starting to look really fabulous!

I can’t wait to start using it at the wedding reception!

Still To Do

  1. Meeting with the photographer, engagement shoot and discussing the shots we’d like on the day

  2. Making the table favours, filling the boxes and the bags and distributing all the items into boxes so it’s super easy for the reception venue to dish out

  3. Collecting the bridesmaids dresses and my dress from the seamstress to be stored at home

  4. Measuring the last of the gents for their suits, collecting the suits the day or two before the wedding ready for The Big Day

  5. Having all the gifts delivered, wrapped and ready to be presented

  6. Finishing the booth and collecting some props for people to play with while they’re using the booth

  7. Make-up trial with the beautician

  8. Getting my nails done at the salon

  9. Our final meeting at the venue to confirm all the details

  10. Wedding rehearsal

Not much then! Everything is falling into place!

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