Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Guest Book

Little Messages for the Bride and Groom

I’ve been looking for a guest book for our wedding for quite a while. I was after something really different and while wandering around looking for table name stands, I managed to find the perfect one!

guest book

It’s made from wood and has about 80 pages inside. It’s actually really heavy but I really liked it.

I bought it in a little nicknack shop but it’s made by East of India. I’ve been looking at the Easy of India range of wedding products for a while now, I think they’re really fabulous and quirky! I was really glad I found this one.

If you are a guest at our wedding, please make sure you sign the guest book!

I also have the idea of using photo frame mounts for guests to write messages on.

frame mount

When we put the pictures on the wall we’ll be able to see all the messages! (That’s an idea I pinched from a wedding our photographer photographed!) I’ve found a bunch of purple pens for guests to write messages with so that it all coordinates.

And I have just purchased some table name stands. table name standMy idea is to use them to hold the table names on the top for the wedding and then hopefully I’m going to be able to sell them on later.

I’m really pleased with them though, and I thought they looked really nice.

They were also a lot more affordable than most of the table stands I found on the internet, and were a full 9 inches tall!

Things really are starting to fall into place!

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