Friday, 23 December 2011

For the Grooms

Treat Your Bride

This is a blog post for the lads. Ladies, if you’d like to pop off and make a cup of tea, sit your h2b down in front of the computer and we’ll just have a quiet chat.

Has she gone? Right chaps, I know w2b has been a bit crazy recently, she’s been a bit stressed about the wedding. I know you’ve been doing your best to be patient and humour her but I think it’s important we do something nice for her.

Remember, she is working really hard to give you and your family and friends a beautiful wedding so doing something really special to make her smile would be nice.

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Easy Day-to-Day Nice Things

It doesn’t have to be big extravagant gifts to make your bride happy while she’s planning your wedding. You could do very simple nice things for her that don’t cost anything at all!

  • A candle lit bath
    If your bride is anything like me she will have lots of candles dotted all around the house. Collect them up, run her a bath with some bubbles and surprise your bride with this nice little treat.

    If you don’t mind spending a bit of money, a box of chocolates, a relaxing glass of wine and some soft music would be nice touches.


  • A cup of tea. When she’s been arguing with suppliers and arranging times, sorting out collections and choosing flowers, a nice relaxing cup of tea can go down a treat!
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    Some biscuits, some crumpets, a little relaxing snack would be ideal to help her relax.

    For something different, what about a Baileys or a small glass of wine to help her unwind from a busy day. If you bring her a cup of tea/Bailey’s/wine without her having to ask it would make her day!
  • A day out! Asking her to leave the wedding planning for one day, to go out and do something fun with just the two of you would be a good way to show how you appreciate all her hard work.

    The National Trust and English Heritage had lots of beautiful places you can go to visit. It’s a really relaxing and cheap way to spend the day.

    There are lots of places you could go for a day out: in the West Midlands a trip to Birmingham, Shrewsbury and Ludlow are really nice places for a day out. H2b and I like to have days out, we don’t spend a lot of money but we do have a nice time together!
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  • Plan something special for her on the morning of the wedding. On Don’t Tell the Bride, grooms have arranged for their brides to have a sky dive, go on a roller coaster and other scary activities. I’m not suggesting you plan that, but it might be a good idea to spoil her in some way to show her that you were thinking of her during all the planning.

    A small gift, a bunch of flowers, a card with a sweet message would all be very good ideas on the morning of your wedding. Do you share a private joke? Could you send her something to make her laugh while she’s feeling nervous and getting ready? Laughter is one of the best ways to relax.

Whatever you decide to do for your bride, she will appreciate you acknowledging all her hard work.

Even with my h2b’s contribution, I’ve planned and arranged most things with our wedding. H2b wasn’t interested in our flowers, transportation or invitations so I organised and planned all that by myself. The closer we’ve got to the wedding date the more h2b has been involved and he is always doing little nice things to make me feel appreciated. That’s why I wanted to share these ideas with you so that you can make your bride feel as appreciated as my groom does.


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