Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Not Feeling Inspired?

Where to Find Inspiration!

All brides need a bit of inspiration, even brides like me who have been dreaming about their weddings since they were children need a little help with some ideas.

But where do you turn?

It’s alright advising brides to find inspiration but where do you start?

confused bride

There are masses of ideas out there for brides who want inspiration. If you want a more unique wedding there are less ideas, but if you’re going for the more traditional white wedding with the flowers and posh dress there are more ideas.

I’ve collected a few to get you started:

Where to Find Inspiration:

Wedding Blogs!

My blog isn’t very good for inspiration because it’s more of an advice blog, however there are some fantastic blogs out there with pictures of other people’s weddings where you can steal some fantastic ideas!

blog 1 English Wedding Blog is my absolute favourite blog! I love the photographer show cases and the real weddings. There are some beautiful weddings on the blog and lots of fantastic inspiration.
I check out English Wedding every day to check out what other brides are doing for their weddings and to see if there’s anything I could copy!

blog 2 Love My Dress is the other blog I look at when there aren’t any new posts on English Wedding. It’s another British wedding blog, because to be honest I prefer the British blogs. I mainly just look at the beautiful pictures and nosey at the wedding experiences the other brides and grooms have had.

blog 3 I haven’t looked at Rock My Wedding as much as the other blogs but I do like looking at the pictures. Rock My Wedding is another British wedding blog, because like I say, I like the British weddings.
There are lots of fantastic ideas on RMW, the photos are absolutely stunning and will give you heaps of inspiration for your wedding.

blog 5 Before the Big Day is a blog I have just discovered and I’m starting to really get into it.
I love the pictures and the real weddings. There are lots of photos of the special details in the wedding which a bride can easily copy for her own wedding.

Wedding Magazines

With a new magazine out each month, magazines will always have different ideas for you to pinch. From real weddings to colour schemes, wedding magazines will have fantastic pictures for you to cut out and put on your ideas board! I’m a bit of a wedding magazine addict!


The magazines shown above are:

Wedding Ideas Magazine, This one is my favourite and I had lots and lots of copies! It’s very bright and unpretentious. There are lots of real weddings featured inside with some fabulous ideas to steal!

Perfect Wedding, Another of my favourites, comes in handbag sizes! I like the handbag sized magazines the best. The real weddings are presented very romantically with lots of lovely details for brides to have a look at.

Wedding, a very popular and international magazine. It’s not a handbag size magazine, but it is beautiful and packed full of fantastic ideas for brides.

You and Your Wedding, another of my favourite magazines and it comes in a handy handbag size! There are some fantastic ideas and some beautiful real weddings.

Cosmopolitan Bride, is another very famous and very popular wedding magazine. Cosmo Bride is a fantastic and full of fantastic ideas!

Real Weddings

I have pinched heaps of ideas from my friend’s weddings. Some of them are more vague ideas like trying to be organised, having things ready, booking things in advance but I have also pinched other ideas:

my wedding inspiration

Pinching ideas from other brides is not only flattering but is also helpful to you. You’ve seen how their ideas have worked at a real wedding, and seen guest responses to their ideas, you know what woks!

My friend’s weddings have been so beautiful and so spectacular it’s no wonder I want to pinch their ideas.

The one idea I love the most is the photo booth.

photobooth 1

I absolutely loved this idea and it was so much fun that h2b has decided to spend the whole of his Christmas holiday building one ready for our wedding!

Hopefully that’s enough to get you started. These are the best places to find ideas for your weddings. If you’re after inspiration for a more unique wedding, check out my blog post on Theme Weddings.

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