Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wedding Makeup

Some How To Guides

If you’re like me, you will be asking a makeup artist to do your makeup. I’ve posted before about questions for your makeup artist, but what if you want to do your own makeup?

You could pop to a salon in the morning to have your hair done and then return home to apply your own makeup. It would save a few pennies at an expensive time and give a personal touch to your day.

Or maybe you’re a bridesmaid and you would like to help your bride to look her best on your wedding day. I’ve Googled the internet and searched You Tube for the best guides on how to apply wedding make up!

eye makeup

How To on You Tube

You Tube has long since been used for cookery lessons, learning how to play the guitar, painting guides and so many other things. It’s also fantastic for how to do wedding makeup.

I’ve searched for the best ones I can find and listed them below.

you tube 3

Bridal tutorial for dry skin using MAC Make Up

Pixiwoo are my favourite makeup tutorial people. I had a look at them one day when curiosity got the better of me and I actually looked at a make up tutorial.
you tube 1

Part 1: Complete Bridal Makeup

This video is by Tiffany. She talks a lot about which make up to use, which colours to use and even what wear under her makeup.
Part 2 can be found here.
you tube 2

Bridal makeup by Julianne Kaye at

This starts from the point where the foundation has already be applied and focuses on adding colour to your details.
you tube 4

African American Bridal Makeup I: Color Correction, Foundation, Concealer, Contouring

Some makeup tips for darker skin tones. I like the way she makes the point that we don’t want to look different on our wedding day, just look better.
you tube 5

Traditional Indian Pakistani Bridal makeup tutorial

With over one million views, the makeup artist details every product she uses in a clear, friendly way.
you tube 6

Wedding Makeup Tutorial Style 1

An oriental style make up artist. I really liked the way she showed the brushes she used, the colours and styles she was using and found her instructions easy to follow.

I think nothing beats following a person who is putting the make up on before your very eyes. You can pause and rewind the videos as you please and copy what they’re doing.

The ladies I’ve highlighted for you here were fabulous in their clear instructions and were very popular with lots of hits.

How To on Google

Having Googled some How To guides with instructions, I’ve listed them below.

  • Estee Lauder have a few tips on how to do bridal make up including tips on preparing your skin, manicuring your nails and on applying your makeup.
  • Cliniqe also have some fabulous tips on how to do your bridal make up. They write about natural beauty, makeup must haves and water proof mascara which – lets face it – is essential!
  • Marrie Claire offer some tips on bridal makeup including looking at matching your foundation to your skin tone, using concealer and applying blusher.
  • iVillage offers a very detailed account of how to apply bridal makeup, going into detail about brushes, evening skin tone and eye shadow blending.
  • Little Miss Makeup offers a written account of how to do makeup and a video of how to apply the makeup.

There are lots of different ways to find out how to do wedding makeup, there are even books available.

I hope this helps you for your wedding day. Good luck!


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