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Being a Bride

The Big Day Approaches

I was chatting to a bride today who was only at the beginning of her planning stages. She was asking me all sorts of questions about shoes, fabrics and colours, not that I’m the expert or anything, but it was really nice to see how another bride was thinking.

Now I’m down to just over 3 months to go, It’s really exciting!

3 months to go

I’m going to try to answer some of the bride’s questions in my blog just in case there are other brides who have the same questions.

Wedding Shoes

I famously bought my wedding shoes four years before h2b even proposed! My reasoning was, I knew I’d get engaged at some point and how often was I likely to have the opportunity to buy custom made shoes? IMG_6370

Shoes are very personal to each woman, it is difficult to know which shoes to advise brides to buy. However, my advice is quite simple:

  • Buy shoes that are comfortable. You will be wearing these shoes all day and nothing ruins a night more than painful shoes!

    tired bride
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  • Don’t get shoes that need breaking in as you will want your shoes to look pristine on your wedding day.
  • Consider the height of the heel. You won’t want to be taller than your groom and you will have to walk in it all day.

Other than that, buy the shoes that make you happy! I love my custom made shoes, they cost me only £10 and they’re exactly what I wanted!

fran's shoes 

The Wedding Dress

As you all know, I tried on 28 dresses and went to 7 bridal shops before finally settling on the dress I love!

The first few dresses I tried were interesting. I’d gone to a shop I’d been following on Facebook, Princess Brides. I tried on quite a few different styles of dress, from fitted to ball gown. I even tried on a Gipsy style wedding dress! I could barely move!

gypsy dress
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From trying on so many wedding dressesI do have some tips:

  • First, try on every style of dress to see which suits you best
  • Don’t dismiss a dress on the hanger if it’s close to what you like, they all look different when you’re wearing them
  • Take your wedding shoes with you so that you can see if they suit your dress, and to get an idea of how tall you’ll be
  • Enjoy it! A wedding is the only time in your entire life you’ll ever be able to wear a dress like this so make the most of the experience! Relax and have fun!

I got a bit fed up of trying wedding dresses on. I liked the skirt and not the top, or the shape and not the fabric, or a part of detail but not the dress and I thought I’d never find the perfect dress!

I wish I’d relaxed, not put pressure on myself to find a dress and just enjoyed the process. I completely love the dress that I did find but I do wish I’d not been so urgent about finding a dress.


What colours go with sage green?

The bride I was speaking to had chosen sage green for her bridesmaid dresses but now wasn’t sure what colours would go with sage green. I was thinking of using sage green as an accent colour to go with my purples and pinks, but I’ve gone with white instead.

The best way find colours that match your scheme is to do a mood board.

38 keentobeseen pistachio sage green wedding green-wedding images (1)  
picture from not-your-mothers-wedding. picture from picture from  

There are a number of ways to make your own mood board. You can either google by colour for wedding images or even cut pictures out of magazines.

colour search

Clicking on the colour search in images, you will be able to find images that only link to your colour scheme. Build yourself a mood board to help organise your thoughts and firm up your ideas. You’ll be able to see what other colours match your scheme and be able to put together a really stunning wedding.

Bridesmaid Dress Shoes

Some brides want all the bridesmaid shoes to match, other brides ask bridesmaids to have the same colour of shoe. I have said to my bridesmaids that I only want them to be comfortable with their shoes.

My opinion on bridesmaid shoes is that if they are wearing a long formal dress, no one will see their feet and no one will be looking at their feet so why not just be comfortable?

In the case of short dresses, I do think it looks nice for all the bridesmaids to wear the same shoe, or to at least have the same colour of shoe so bare that in mind when budgeting for your bridesmaids. It’s not very fair to expect your bridesmaids to pay for a shoe you’ve chosen.


Bare in mind that everyone has different shaped feet and it’s essential that everyone is comfortable in their shoes. Nothing ruins a night like women in painful shoes! And you will want your bridesmaids joining you to dance the night away!

Hope This Helps!

If any other brides have any other questions, I’d be happy to help.

I’ve been doing this wedding stuff for quite a while now and although these are only my humble opinions it’s sometimes nice to get another perspective from someone who is going through this already.

A bride is getting married at my venue and she posted a question on a comment, she hasn’t posted back yet but I hope my comments were helpful.

I am so excited about our wedding, I can’t wait to see h2b all dressed up in his suit and the look on his face as I walk down the aisle. It’s all going to be so perfect because I’m marrying h2b and he’s amazing!

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