Monday, 19 December 2011

Mood Board

Not Feeling Inspired?

When the buzz of getting engaged starts to wear off and you have to get down to the nitty-gritty, it can seem a little difficult to get your ideas together.

Everything can seem a little overwhelming, suppliers will be making demands from you and you will want everything to match.

Do you go vintage? Do you go modern? What colours go together well? Do you want pastels, vibrant colours, the perfect mix of the two? Which colour goes well with orange? What if you want sunflowers but aren’t too keen on yellow?

The best way to manage your ideas is to make a mood board. This mood board will help your suppliers, will help your groom and… well, everyone involved in your wedding to understand where you are coming from.

You could even be brave and ask h2b contribute to the board!

I have google searched for a few good mood boards to get you started.

Lilac and purple wedding inspiration board

picture from

I’ve started with lilac/purple as these are my wedding colours. There are a lots of different flowers, dresses, styles and ideas you can gather for lilac and purple, they are very popular wedding colours.


picture from

Light blue is a very popular choice for brides, it’s feminine but also it’s got something for the groom too. There’s a wide variety of flowers available for light blue brides.


picture from

Baby pink and fuchsia are also very popular choices for brides. Bridesmaids look very sweet in pink and ushers look quite stylish in pink cravats.


picture from

I’m not a fan of green but there are some lovely green weddings out there. It’s a fabulous colour and looks stunning with the right accompaniments.


picture from

Brown weddings work well with a vintage scheme and are definitely unique. It’s not the most popular of colours and your wedding will certainly stand out.


picture from

For a very zesty wedding, you could go with orange. Mix it in with vibrant greens and yellows, a citrus wedding would be great for the summer!


picture from

Pale yellow is perfect for an Easter wedding, a vibrant yellow is fantastic for summer! It’s also a very uplifting and positive colour and will put your guests in a happy mood!


picture from

Red is traditionally a Christmas colour, and also a traditional colour for an Asian wedding, but red could work at any time of the year.

Google Search

I only googled for a few ideas to show you in this blog, there are lots of other brides who have blogs with more ideas on too. I think the best way is to collect your own ideas and really personalise your mood board to yourself.

my mood board

My mood board is a collection of pictures I like, some printed from Google and some cut out of magazines. I didn’t pick out exactly what I wanted, I picked out something that was close to what I wanted so I could describe it to the suppliers.

An ideas or mood board is a fantastic way to share your vision for your wedding and a great way to work with h2b to plan your wedding.

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