Thursday, 1 December 2011

Shropshire Petals

Environmentally Friendly Confetti

A lot of churches and venues recently have began asking brides and grooms not to allow guests to throw confetti. It makes a mess, it’s not very environmentally friendly and it goes everywhere! In wet weather it can even stain your wedding dress!

However, it looks fabulous in wedding photos so what can you do?


When I was at the National Wedding Show in Birmingham I met the fantastic people at Shropshire Petals. Now, this was two and a half years before my wedding so I wasn’t going to order anything just yet, but I did take away a sample of confetti and have had it on my shelf ever since!


They provide confetti made out of delphinium petals. They are bright, colourful and 100% biodegradable! Venues and churches are more likely to let you throw dried petals than confetti and Shropshire Petals are very affordable!

I had in mind to buy a New Shropshire Box for my guests. My mother thinks it’s a waste of money but my dad thinks it’s a fantastic idea! I’m awful at weddings, I always forget to buy confetti but I really want the confetti throwing picture at my wedding. To ensure I get that shot, I’ve decided to get the New Shropshire Box.

But what colour confetti to get?

In photos from my friend’s weddings, the one above and this one below, the confetti thrown was all sorts of colours, which looks really lovely.


My initial idea was to get confetti that would match the colour of the wedding. It would all be colour coordinated then. However, I’m not sure I want that. Would a colour coordinated shower of petals look as effective as multi-coloured on the photos?


The sample of petals that I have is Highland Fling, which is perfect for a lilac themed wedding. But on reflection, I’m not sure if a mixture of colours would be better. The bright pinks do stand out quite dramatically.


Shropshire Petals have two different type of confetti that could be the bright colourful mixture, Kaleidoscope and Summer Nights, but I’m not sure which one to get.

Personally I love the idea of throwing petals instead of paper. I like that it’s environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. My dad likes this idea too, I think he would support me buying this for our guests to throw.

I took a photo of the floor and the bride’s shoes:

confetti 2

I think it looked lovely with the confetti all on the floor, it was very romantic and captured the excitement of the day! I would love a photo of h2b and our shoes in a shot like this.

So, do I get the petals to match the theme of the wedding? Or do I get the multi-coloured ones? Do I buy a New Shropshire Box or do I buy a few litres? If I do get the multi-coloured do I get Summer Nights or Kaleidoscope?


  1. Oooh New Shropshire Box with kaleidoscope! Lovely and bright for a fab pic xx

  2. It's quite humbling to think the people you recommend read your blog!

    Well I'm convinced anyway, please expect an order from me after Christmas for a Shropshire Box in kaleidoscope!