Saturday, 18 February 2012

49 Days to Go!

Our Wedding is Right Around the Corner

When I saw that it is only 49 days until our wedding, my heart choked in my stomach a little bit.

I can’t believe it’s so close! Lots of things have been happening on the lead up to the wedding: the first thing is, I went on my hen do!

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We went to York, in the snow and the freezing cold and we had the most amazing time!

Because of the snow, we ended up catching the train to York and had a very leisurely journey. On our first night, we went on a ghost walk!


It was utterly freezing and the snow made it very slippery but the walk was really really interesting. We went around all these little ‘snickleways’ in York and learnt a lot about the history, and I love learning about history!

We didn’t see any ghosts though.

It was absolutely freezing! When we got back to the hotel the news said it was –8ᵒC!!

The next day, I got my nails done (for the first ever time!!) and then we had tea at Betty's Tea House, established in 1919!

DSCF6720 edit

I did get a little bit tipsy at cocktail making classes. We had a very cute barman, and some of the girls weren’t drinking so I had a lot of extra drinks!


Plus my sloppy cocktail making skills meant that we had a tad more alcohol in our drinks than usual.

We had an amazing night out with lots of fun dares. It was utterly brilliant and I had an amazing weekend.

I send a huge thanks out to my bridesmaids who arranged the whole weekend for me. I managed to talk to everyone and take heaps of photos and have a fantastic time.

The Dress Update

I have my dress! I was over the moon wearing the sample dress at the shop but when I actually put on my actual dress, it was perfect! I was soooo happy!


They are a lot heavier than you think!

My beautiful beautiful dress is now hanging up at my parent’s house, waiting to be taken to the seamstress for alterations. I want to go to my parent’s house and wear it all day! But that would be silly, so I won’t.

Busy Busy

My bridesmaids are currently heading this way for their second fittings ready for alterations and h2b is on his stag do!

We have been making appointments with our makeup artist, dance lessons and photographer. In a few weeks we’ll be having our final meeting with our wedding organiser at the venue, and we’re seeing the church florist on Tuesday to sort out flowers.

Everything is getting sorted out and it’s all so wonderful. I’ve been looking forward to our wedding day so much, but I’m going to miss the planning process when it’s all over.

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