Friday, 24 February 2012

Feeling a Little Stressed

Although Things are Ticking Along

It is only six weeks until my h2b and I tie the knot. He seems very calm. I am not very calm.

I think I feel as if I’ve got all this wedding stuff to do and it’s not being done. I feel like one of those brides on Wedding SOS who get to three days before the wedding and still haven’t bought a dress or something ridiculous like that.

wedding sos

It’s not until I write a blog post like this that I realise I’m actually on top of most things.


We have met with the church florist and discussed what we’d like to have at the church. We have asked for white flowers, the florist suggested white/ivory roses which doesn’t really fit in with our spring flower theme but will work well with the colours we’re having.


We had a meeting with the wedding coordinator at our reception venue to go over some of the details. She was very reassuring as our wedding coordinator has changed twice since booking our wedding. I know we booked our wedding over two years in advance, but that’s not the point.

It’s all getting sorted though. It turns out, at our reception venue, there’s a wedding there on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the Sunday! That weekend really is popular! It makes me glad we booked so early!

Wedding Favours

This is something I’m not on top of! We have the little bags and boxes for the favours but I haven’t yet bought the sweets to go in them. And now I’m wondering, is that enough? They are really pretty favours.


So, the next step for the wedding favours is to buy the sweets to go in them and start filling favours. I will have to work out which favours go on which table and put them into the right places.

Table Seating Plan

I have seated everyone at a table, but I haven’t made the actual table plan. I do need to get a wiggle on with that really, now that I’ve finalised where everyone is sitting.

The problem with the seating plan is that I have all these ideas to make it perfect but I’m really worried that I’ll ruin it. I want it to look beautiful so I’ve been putting off making it so I don’t disappoint myself.

I think I’m just going to have to buck my ideas up a bit and get on with it! It’ll look lovely, and if it doesn’t, no one will notice.

I think I’m going to get a start on it this weekend, as h2b is working on the photo booth this weekend too.


All the dress fittings are going fantastically, most of my bridesmaids didn’t need that many adjustments and looked absolutely fab in their dresses.

bridesmaid adjustments

And my dress fitting went really well too! I love my dress but it looked so much better when the seamstress pinned it up to the correct length. I am always happy wearing my wedding dress, but – if it’s possible – I was even more over the moon with it slightly taken up.

The seamstress has only taken it up so it almost shows my shoes when I walk, but it does mean that I can walk without having to hold the skirt up.

The men are going to be fitted for their suits in a little while, and photos will follow… possibly…


Our church has a rather strict photographer policy, after some bad experiences with pushy photographers. Luckily, our photographer is really nice and unobtrusive, so I’ve emailed the vicar to ask if he could take some photos during the ceremony. Hopefully I’ll hear back from him soon and it’ll be all good.

Other than that, we will soon be meeting up with our photographer for our engagement shoot! To get ready for the shoot, h2b and I need to sort out which photos we want and draw up a list of essential shots.


I have emailed the car company and the bus company to check that everything is ready and still going ahead. I had a reply from the Bus company, who sent me a final invoice, which is always useful. Nothing yet from th car company so I think I will email them again.


Orders of Service

I have sent the template the church gave me over to the stationary lady who said she would sent me a proof to check over before she started making them.

Slight problem is that it turns out I’ll need a few more orders of service than I originally ordered. The stationary lady did say that she would do her best to accommodate my extra order, but I’ve noticed recently that a lot of creative supplies go out of circulation. Hopefully she will be able to get hold of some more flowers for our design and we will be able to have the same orders of service.

Cake Topper

I love love love the cake toppers from Art Locke Designs. My little brother paid for our cake topper as a wedding gift. They’re made from clay and look exactly like the bride and groom (in my opinion). I think they’re absolutely fantastic and I’m really looking forward to seeing the pictures of the pre-fired toppers!

The cake, however, is an entirely different matter. My mum is working with her friend to make our wedding cake but it does seem as if she’s following the design I wanted (h2b didn’t have much of an input on the cake). The brief was basically a plain cake with some purple flowers, four tiers: fruit, chocolate sponge, vanilla sponge, lemon sponge.

Looking forward to seeing it all!

Have I Missed Anything?


picture from Cinderella’s Closet

I’m not one to answer my own questions, but I probably have to be honest. There’s gifts, flowers, honeymoon, shoes, dancing, music, timings, families and all sorts that I haven’t covered in this post but as you’re a bride too, you’ll know exactly how easy it is to focus on different parts of your wedding.

I just hope I don’t forget to do the most important elements.

One thing I absolutely have to remember to do tomorrow is to ring the florist! She would like to make a final appointment to discuss our flowers. I have to do that tomorrow!

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