Monday, 20 February 2012

My First Fitting

An Hour and a Half in my Wedding Dress

The title of this post is the best thing about today! I had to stand in my wedding dress for an hour and a half!

dress fitting

This isn’t me in the picture, but I was picking up the layers of my wedding dress so that the seamstress could make adjustments to the dress.

I can not express how different my dress looks now that it’s been shortened. It is as if the dress is MY dress, the length of the dress is perfect! The seamstress had only pinned up my dress to adjust it later but it felt so different.

The only problem was the bustle.

Usually, your seamstress will put in some magic sewing to make your dress bustle neatly and securely, and most important  - easily! on the night of your wedding. Your dress will slide inside itself and be out the way for the evening reception.

It’s not that easy for my dress.

Because the second tulle layer on my dress is so long, even a three bustle has long bits drooping to the side.

I love my dress but it’s causing all sorts of problems!

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