Saturday, 25 February 2012

Finished at Last

A Rather Successful Making Day

In short, progress has been made on the photo booth and the table plan is done!

It took 9 hours of hard work, but we made it!

H2b and I had some words about the wall but now I think he’s all on top of it. We have finalised the design and h2b knows where he’s going with the idea.

day 2

H2b has been working so hard on the booth, I really can’t wait to see what it looks like!

I was stunned when I realised how long it had taken me to make the table plan. I started at about 1pm, after I’d bought lunch for everyone.


We had gone to my parents’ house, as h2b was making the booth in the garage. I took all my resources, my paper slicer, scissors, sticky tabs and the rest, to my parents house and set myself up in the living room.

First step was to cover the Styrofoam board with some paper. I’d looked for paper I liked but nothing I saw was as good as the wall paper we’d bought for the booth.


H2b bought some adhesive spray from Hobby Craft and I was able to use that to attach the wallpaper to the board.

Then I trimmed down the board and fixed it behind the frame. The board is slightly smaller than the frame, but when the board is flat behind the frame it’s almost impossible to see the gap.

Once the background was ready, it was time to make the cards. I made a prototype first, to give myself an idea of what I was looking for.

tp3I quickly boshed together the  sample just to see what it looks like. Pleased with the rough design, I set about first printing the names to appear on the plan.

There was a whole huge issue with getting everyone’s names spelt correctly and having the right surnames, there was a lot of ringing round family members.


My design had three main parts, the white printed card, the ribbon and sparkle, and the purple backing card.

My little brother was cutting out the purple card for me, while I was carefully cutting out the printing card. When we put it all together, I was really pleased with the over all effect!

However, next was the decision, do we make it a landscape or a portrait table plan? If we made it portrait, it wouldn’t take up as much space, as it is over 80cm long! I’d arrange the tables in the traditional 1, 3, 3, 4 formation.

However, if we put it landscape we could arrange the tables as they will in the reception room for the wedding breakfast. And they would be in a much more symmetrical 1, 5, 5, formation.


In the end, it was h2b’s decision and we went landscape.

We have also changed the table names. I had originally picked out street names from Ankh-Morpork but as that didn’t really fit in with our wedding theme, we decided to change our minds to cities that we have visited or lived in together.

Well it took a long time, and lots of concentration but I think it’s looking lovely.


Yay! One more thing to tick off the list!

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