Thursday, 30 June 2011

Questions for Your Makeup Artist

Essential Ideas

Choosing your makeup artist is difficult! You’ve spent your life doing your own makeup, or even not wearing any makeup at all, having someone different do your makeup for you is a big step.

Wedding fayres are good places to find your makeup artist and hair stylist. They will have their portfolios for you to look through.

And when you speak to them, here are some essential questions:

  1. Do you have a portfolio of pictures I can see of weddings you’ve done before?
    It is crucial to see previous work, that way you can judge if the artist’s style matches your style.
  2. What sort of experience do you have?
    An experienced artist will have a variety of ideas for you and your bridal party, however a less experienced artist will be cheaper!
  3. Do you do a trial before the big day?
    A trial will allow the artist to be more familiar with your skin type. If you have very pale skin, dry skin, very dark skin or oily skin, the makeup artist will be able to adjust their style to suit your colouring and skin type.
  4. Do you use waterproof mascara, and if not, could you!
    It is going to be an emotional day, you will want to know that your makeup won’t run regardless of how emotional you feel.
  5. How will my bridal makeup differ from my normal make up?
    This will really depend on your preference, however if your makeup artist has their own ideas it’s important that you know their style will fit your image.
  6. How will you prime my face before you do my makeup?
    With guests and professionals snapping pictures of you all day, you will want to make sure your makeup lasts the distance! A good primer will ensure that your makeup lasts the whole day.
  7. What should I do to carry my natural look through the day?
    Top tips from a professional will ensure that your look is flawless for the entire day, although my makeup isn’t really something I want to think about on my wedding day, which is why I wanted a professional.
  8. Do you apply fake eye lashes?
    I’m not a huge fan of fake eye lashes, however they do add a bit of pow to your wedding look. Having them applied professionally by your makeup artist will ensure that they last the day.


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