Saturday, 16 April 2011

Princess Brides

I Went to… Princess Brides

I didn’t realise this until I got home and looked at the photos, one of the dresses I’d tried what-not-to-wear-wedding-dress-choiceson at Princess Brides (and really liked) was one I’d picked out from a photo a few weeks ago!

We had a great time at Princess Brides. I booked an appointment a few weeks ago because I wanted to make sure they had time to help me for as long as we needed.

The lady who helped us, Ann, was so helpful and patient with me. I’m normally a very decisive person but choosing a wedding dress is difficult!

I chose some dresses with the help of my chief bridesmaid and my mum. My mum is good at saying what suits me and my chief bridesmaid and I have a very similar style, the best people to help me choose a dress!

I think I tried on 6 different dresses, one a fish tail and the rest were A-line dresses. Ann understood the style I liked and was able to find different dresses to suit my personality. She offered loads of advice and really helped us to make some decisions. She was also very kind to let us take photos of the dresses which I did look at when I got home.

Looking at the photos when I got home was brilliant because I think I got a bit confused by all the choices. Looking at the photos at home, when I was relaxed, meant that I could pick out some dresses I’d like to take a second look at.

We had a wonderful time at Princess Brides and I’m looking forward to going back to try on my favourites!

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