Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Photo Booth

My Favourite Subject: Our Photo Booth!

I am so excited about our photo booth! I think it’s going to be so much fun for our wedding! I hope that everyone uses it and we get some really fun photos!

To help everyone have fun we have started collecting some fun photo props!

photobooth props

I bought them from, and they arrived in about three weeks. I think they look really good but I was a little bit disappointed that they’re only made from card. I was expecting they would be made from balsa wood although there was nothing on the site to say that they were.

The props do seem quite fragile and I do wonder how they will survive the night!

I was thinking of popping them in a bucket with some dry flower foam to hold them up. H2b is going to trim down the foam so that it fits flush in the bucket, and we bought lilac buckets to fit in with our theme.

photobooth 4

We were thinking of weighting the bucket down with something as it may topple over with all the props sticking out of it.

photobooth 3

And this is the staring bucket, only 79p from Hobby Craft which I thought was a bit of a bargain! They had all different sizes and colours so that it was easy to find the perfect colour to match with our colour scheme!

photobooth 5

You can see in this photo that the props are made out of cardboard. They are a bit thin and flimsy but I think that they do look fun.

photobooth 6

I also got these signs for just h2b and I to use. I really like these signs, they are heavy and substantial and look lovely. The one side says ‘I’m her Mr’ and ‘I’m his Mrs’.

photobooth 7

The other side says ‘Thank You’ which look fabulous in photos. I was thinking we could use these while we’re all dressed up in our wedding clothes and put them on our thank you cards. That’s what I call ‘Thinking ahead!’


Picture from The Perpetual Party Planner

As Azure says on, thank you signs are very popular these days with brides and grooms. I feel they enhance your thank you cards and make them a lot more personal, instead of only a collection of photos.

photobooth 2

We are looking at different types of props to use for the booth. We have been looking around charity shops and accessory shops to see what we can find.

We are also trying Amazon and Ebay for some inspiration.

photo booth props

The total for this small selection of props would be £42.06 which is still a fraction of the cost compared to a fully automated booth. Although, it’s still a lot of money.

I can not wait to see what the booth will look like on The Day. I think that H2b will make a fantastic job of building the booth and with my collection of props, we will have heaps of fun!


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