Thursday, 21 April 2011

7 Bridal Shops, 28 Dresses

Down to the Final Three!

On Tuesday, we are going to try on the final three dresses! photo(4)

I never thought the decision would be this difficult! I’m normally a fairly snappy shopper. I do prefer to try on clothes before buying them but that’s as long as it normally takes me. This five day decision making process is very unlike me!

However, I am very much looking forward to Tuesday because it means I’ll be able to try on my favourite dress again!

The problem is, the shops in which my favourite dresses were found wouldn’t let us take photos! I’m not sure why they wouldn’t let us as the dresses are on their websites but it does mean it’s difficult to for me to compare these dresses to ones I have tried on.

I have printed out some of the pictures from different dresses so that I can compare how I looked in each dress and how much I liked the dress, trying to find which style suits me. DSCF9764 When I saw one photo of a dress I don’t want but like the style next to a dress my mum likes, it was easy to see which was more flattering.

My criteria for a wedding dress are as follows:

  • Sparkly
  • Lace up back
  • Floaty
  • Skirt coming out from the hip and not from the waist as to accentuate my curves (‘cause I have plenty of curves)
  • Sweetheart neckline
  • No ruffles, a straight skirt 41072_419546743314_532143314_4963956_2034838_n

Lots of dresses meet this criteria but not all of them have everything. And ruffles are really popular at the moment! I have nothing against ruffles, my best friend wore a beautiful taffeta dress with lots of ruffles and she looked stunning! They’re just not me. It’s good to be aware of what suits you but also be open to trying on alternatives just in case you really like them!

I’ve not included photos of any of the three dress, mainly because I only have a photo of one of them, but also because I appear to be fiercely superstitious, and with such a high rate of divorce, I don’t want to risk showing any part of the dresses I’m considering just in case my h2b idly glances at my blog!

But hopefully, by Tuesday, we will have made a decision! Yay! :o)

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