Friday, 18 November 2011

Don’t Tell the Bride

Could Your H2b Plan Your Wedding?

A friend of mine (my church buddy) put on her Facebook status:

“Just showed [h2b] 5 potential wedding dresses and asked which one he would pick for me. All I'll say is that I'm glad we're not on Don't Tell The Bride!”

Which got me thinking, I wonder if my h2b could plan our wedding?

I would hope that he could! I go on about it enough!

The key point for me would be the dress. Now, my h2b is quite good at knowing what I like. I absolutely love my engagement ring, it’s very different but absolutely gorgeous! He did well there, but could he really choose the most important dress of my life?

I showed h2b the following dresses..

2030 2494564-426m 2845_thumb_G_1283777068405 Mon_Cheri_Wedding_Dress_Style_ST2616S_201108818 cosmobella-wedding-gown-dress

Mark Lesley 2030

Eternity Syle Romantica


Mon Cheri


… to see if he would pick out one that I liked, or even to pick out the one I liked the most!

H2b chose the Mark Lesley dress, which is a lovely dress, but my favourite out of these five was the Cosmobella style dress. If I was on Don’t Tell the Bride and had the Mark Lesley dress, I’d been happy with that, but it wouldn’t be the perfect dress.

The Venue

Lots of couples have different ideas about wedding venues. I want to get married in a church, but if it was down to h2b he wouldn’t have a church wedding.

church or civil

I love venues steeped in history with stunning gardens and spots to take photos while h2b likes modern venues with striking architecture and lots of interesting photos.

While the wedding is about our love, I think I’d be a bit disappointed with a modern venue. H2b, on the other hand, quite likes our historic venue! (It used to be a treasury building for Henry VIII!) His main priority was finding a venue with enough space to have a really big party, and that’s what we have!

H2b’s Suit

When we first started planning the wedding, I wanted h2b to have a dark grey/charcoal Edwardian suit but h2b wanted a black suit.

H2b will be in a black tails with striped grey trousers. He looks much better in black than grey, and the tails are very flattering. He looks much better in tails! I think h2b made the right choice there!


H2b has shown no interest in our wedding flowers, which is fair enough. All h2b wants are nice flowers that will look pretty at our wedding, he’s not interested in bouquets or table flowers or boutonnieres, all he wants is for the venue to be decorated and for his future wife to have a pretty bunch to carry.

H2b has bought me flowers in the past…


H2b actually bought these flowers online at his own birthday party so they’d arrive in time for Valentine’s day!

After a holiday visiting my family, h2b bought these flowers for me when I got back as a welcome home!

A beautiful bunch of gerberas to celebrate my birthday!

… and they have looked absolutely amazing! It just goes to show that he can buy me a nice bunch of flowers and could sort out our wedding flowers if need be.

The first two bunches he ever bought me were purple roses, because he knows purple/lilac is my favourite colour, and that last bunch of gerberas are because he knows gerberas are my favourite flowers! (Do they come in lilac?)

I actually think h2b could plan and book flowers that I’d like.


I must admit, our wedding invitations are a bit girlie.

IMG_6318 copy

H2b did give me free reign to choose the wedding invitations, and I did check everything with him before I ordered, but I definitely don’t think this is what h2b would have chosen if he was planning our wedding.

I think h2b would choose something much more simple, perhaps in black and white with a very crisp and classic design. I prefer my girlie ones, and they coordinate with the wedding colours!

Wedding Favours

Our wedding favours currently coordinate with our wedding colours and link to the time of year we’re getting married, Easter.


We are alternating bags and boxes and placing 4 bottles of bubbles on each table, and then extra ones for the kids.

H2b suggested giving guests sweet dispensing chicks to guests, if such a thing exists. That doesn’t sound to me as if it will colour coordinate!

All In All

I think h2b would do a fantastic job of planning our wedding by himself. It wouldn’t be a church wedding and it’d be a large, modern venue but I think he’d make it perfect for us.

The brides on Don’t Tell the Bride always seem to love the weddings their husbands plan for them, except of course the Thorpe Park bride, who was in tears on her wedding day, and not the good kind of tears! And the Vagas bride, who almost dumped her husband because of his choices.

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