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Wedding Dress Fabrics

Which Fabric is Right for You?

Linking to the blog post I made on wedding dress silhouettes, finding the right silhouette is as important as finding the right fabric. Some girls really suit a light, floaty chiffon while others can carry off a luxurious silk.

Some fabrics are best suited to different wedding styles and different seasons. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to wear thick velvet to a summer beach wedding, for example.


satin dress_thumb[3]6813 by Amelie Bridal

Satin looks luxurious, rich and glossy. It makes an amazing impact and looks best on boned and structured dresses.

Satin is made from silk or a silk blend. It’s a bit too hot for a summer wedding but it’s good for formal, simple Spring or Autumn weddings.

My Opinion
I’m not a fan of satin. On an unstructured dress it can crease around the tummy, even on very slim figure.

chiffon wedding dress_thumb[1]
Shop for your
Chiffon is very light and very floaty. It can make a curvy girl appear a bit slimmer. It drapes stunningly over curves and is often used as modesty panels over tummies.

I think chiffon is best for a Spring wedding but it could work all year round. It’s a very light fabric so don’t expect it to keep you warm.

My Opinion
I love love love chiffon! All my bridesmaid dresses are going to be made of chiffon. It’s flattering, it’s floaty and it’s fantastic for our Spring wedding.
lace dress
picture from fan
Good enough for royalty, lace is a popular wedding choice.

Lace looks beautiful as a layer over fabrics, and looks amazing against the skin. It’s a very delicate fabric and looks lovely on dresses. Lace isn’t for everyone, however a lot of wedding dresses feature some lace.

My Opinion
My h2b thinks lace dresses look like doyleys. I like lace, although I do think it looks much better on slimmer brides. Kate’s dress looked completely amazing on her, but I don’t think I’d be able to carry it off.
my friend got her dress from Francesca’s
My best friend had a taffeta dress and she looked completely stunning.

It’s a heavy, crisp fabric and looks fantastic on bigger, structured dresses. It’s a very rich looking fabric and makes a huge impact at weddings.

Taffeta suits any type of wedding and any time of the year. It is a slightly heavy fabric but it’s easily worn in Summer. My friend’s wedding was in Summer and she looked stunning.

My Opinion
Taffeta isn’t for me but it is a gorgeous fabric and does look lovely on wedding dresses.
silk dress
picture from Cleavland
Princess Dianna’s wedding dress was made out of antique silk. One important thing to remember about silk wedding dresses is that they crease!

Silk is a very classic and traditional fabric for wedding dresses. It’s an expensive fabric and looks very simple. It tends not to be embellished as the fabric is so simple.

Silk is good for a wedding dress all year round, but I would suggest it suits a more traditional and formal wedding.

My Opinion
Silk is beautiful but you must be very careful with it because it does crease.
organza wedding dress
CBB0195 from Charlies Bridal
I’m a bit biased towards organza, I can’t tell you why, but in 4 months and 25 days I can!

Organza is similar to chiffon, only stiffer and crisper. It’s mainly used as an overlay or for underskirts. Layers of organza make big skirts and create a floaty, light effect.

You do have to be careful it doesn’t crease or gather as you’re moving around on the day, and may have to ask a friend to adjust your skirt for you here and there, but it is lovely.

My Opinion
… is biased. I really love organza. I think it’s fun, floaty and flattering, and will look fantastic!


tulle dress
dress from go
Tulle is very similar yet heavier than chiffon and organza but it’s not as heavy as netting. It’s a bit like the material found on tu-tu’s.

Again, tulle gives that light, floaty impression, as if the wearer is gliding as she walks. Very flattering for the heavier bride.

My Opinion
I’m not too sure about tulle. I haven’t seen many dresses using tulle.
velvet wedding dress
picture from
A rare material for a wedding dress, velvet is thick, luxurious and heavy. It’s a very warm fabric and I’d suggest it’s more suited to a coat or dressing gown style over coat than to a wedding dress.

Keep in mind, during the evening invitation you’ll be dancing and it will probably be warm.

My Opinion
I think that velvet isn’t your traditional wedding material. I prefer the lighter floaty materials, velvet is a bit too heavy for me.

The best way to find the right material for your wedding dress is to try on a variety of different dresses using different materials, preferably with a class of champagne!


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