Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Photo Booth

Photos for the Photo Booth

I may have been going on about the photo booth h2b is making, and he’s even written about it himself! #

Well, today, we went out and we bought the photo frames for the booth, they look quite interesting if I do say so myself!

ornate black frame

This my favourite frame. We found it on a chance visit to a Evolution, a gifts and ethical trading shop. It was only £3.50 as it’s a very plasticy frame. It doesn’t have a hanger on the back so h2b suggested gluing it to the booth.

We bought the rest of our frames from Wilkinsons. We were mainly thinking of keeping the costs down as it’s the props and the people we really want to focus on with the booth.

big frame

We bought this huge silver frame to mount the seating plan from Wilkinsons. I thought it would be a beautiful surround for the plan and would draw guests attention to see where they are sitting.

silver frame

This isn’t the same frame again, we have a smaller version of the silver frame to act as a hole for our guests to peep through in the photo booth. This frame will be ready for a staring guest to feature in it, hopefully using a silly prop!

small black frame

This frame will have some meaningful photos in it to make the booth look like a photo wall. We have plans to put some photos in the frames but I’m not sure what I’m going put in them..

tiny black frame

This is also for having a little photo to put on the wall. I wanted to have all different frames on the wall so that it looks like a collection someone has built up over years (and not months as is the actual case).

This booth is going to be the best dressed wall that there is!

But now this brings me to the photos that go in the photo frame! H2b and I have taken a photo of the two of us every year on our anniversary.

our anniversaries

We have one photo from the eight years we’ve been together on the same date. I quite like the idea of putting these on the wall, the past photos of us as a background but to make them fit in with the general style of the wall, I was going to try to age them, if these are the ones we use.

past and present

Aging the photos will make them fit in with the background more, but what photos should I use? We have some great memories through the years with some fantastic friends, I could include them on the photo wall.

I think this will need some more thinking time.

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