Monday, 7 November 2011

Seating Plan

Who Sits Where?

It’s getting to that time where I’m thinking about the seating plan. With 152 days to go, I want to make the seating plan myself. It is one of the few pieces of stationary that I had planned to make myself.

I’ve been trying to think of lots of different ways to present the table plan. I’ve seen lots of my friend’s table plans and had lots of different ideas, but I’m trying to think of something that will be unique to h2b and I.

seating plan

I had the idea of mounting the table plan in a frame. I liked a silver frame from Wilko’s, which was affordable yet still looked fairly nice.


My idea was to place the squares with the names on, onto the picture mount and then place the glass and the frame on top.

I’m also thinking about arranging the places where everyone is going to sit. My idea was to cut out some paper circles and write all the names on little tabs of paper so that I can arrange it.

I will blog photos when I start to do it.

There are programs on the internet that help you with your seating plan. It does require a lot of typing but they can help you with auto filling sometimes.

Free programs are:

  • Table
    Table does cost £10 but they offer a free trial. It does require typing in all your guests names, but you can move the guests around and adjust tables as you please.
  • Martha Stewart Weddings
    Once you’ve signed up, the seating plan organiser on Martha Stewart weddings is fantastic! This is the one I recommend the most, it’s brilliant.
  • UK
    I quite liked the table plan on UK bride and you can print it out too! It was a bit of a faff to sign up, even when I used my Facebook account to sign up.

    uk bride

There are a lot of good free table planning online programs that are free and allow you to save and print your table plans. There’s no need to pay for an expensive piece of software you’re only going to use once. (You’re spending enough money on things you’re only going to use once!)

I am looking forward to entering all our guests names and sorting out where they’re going to sit.

We’re thinking of seating friends together on one table so that they can chat (and get drunk) together. I’m not sure if this creates a better atmosphere, or does seating people who don’t know each other create a better atmosphere?

I’m going to keep researching to find out the best answer to that question. No doubt I will blog about this again later!


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