Monday, 14 November 2011

Finding The One

Falling in Love

This post is not about meeting your h2b, it is about finding your absolute perfect wedding dress!

That feeling when you put on a dress that makes you feel special, that makes you smile, that you don’t want to take off – ever – is a very special feeling and not one easy to describe.

It’s starts in your chest as a warm fuzzy tingle, and spreads straight up to cause the break out of a huge smile across your face.

That special feeling even inspired the name for Love my blog!


I famously went to 7 bridal shops and tried on a total of 28 dresses before finding the perfect one. I went to lots of different bridal shops, some were large chains and others were small family run boutiques.

I found it really difficult to choose my perfect dress. I liked the bodice on one but not the skirt, and liked the skirt on one but not the shape.

wedding dresses

I wanted a dress that was perfect, that made me really happy and was something h2b would like. I wanted to like everything about it, not just the skirt, or not just the bead work, I wanted to love everything about it!

As should every bride! You’re only going to have one wedding dress!

The average bride tries on 15 dresses and spends 5 hours before finding her perfect wedding dress. Lucky brides try on one dress and find The One.

Each dress has a different silhouette, each fabric leaves a different effect: satin, chiffon, lace, silk, organza, taffeta, tulle, velvet. Each wedding style suits a fabric, or a range of fabrics, for example you wouldn’t use velvet for a beach wedding or silk at a very informal wedding. (Although I do think it’s important to find the dress you want, regardless!)

Stop Looking!

Once you’ve found your wedding dress you must must must stop looking at wedding dresses!

I have stopped looking now I’ve found my wedding dress, and I don’t actively go out to find a dress to look at, but now and then I catch a glimpse of a dress and wonder, ‘what would that look like on?’

The florist we’ve just booked is next to a wedding dress shop. Each time I walk past the dress shop I find my eyes wandering.

Last time I tried on my dress I was so happy, I loved it… but I can’t help wondering if another dress would look better.

I did make a really snap decision when I bought my dress. I was fed up of trying on dress after dress after dress and was swayed by the only dress that even came close to making me happy.

But it does make me happy! I love it! Oooh, now I’m getting really excited to see it again! I can’t wait to see it all made up, my actual dress, and have it fitted for me. 

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