Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Wedding Food

The Wedding Breakfast and Buffet

The wedding food depends on the type of wedding you are having. A very informal wedding may only have a finger buffet while a more formal wedding could have silver service, and everything in between!


The type of wedding food you have is entirely up to you and dependent on your budget.

Many venues will offer their own catering, especially if you’re getting married at a hotel. In my experience, I’ve found the hotel food quite affordable, although this is not always the case.

Some venues will not allow you to use outside caterers. Check with your venue before booking.


Most venues will let you choose anything for your wedding food, and your only constraint is money.

For example, my venue offers a standard package price for a selection of food but my h2b likes beef. The beef was an additional charge of £2.50 per person. We spoke to our venue and they offered us a different beef choice that was within the standard package price so that we could have beef without breaking the bank.

Talk with your caterer or your venue’s wedding coordinator about your wedding breakfast food and see what they could arrange within your budget.


Types of Menu

If you are having a sit down wedding breakfast, you have two options for your wedding menu: a set menu or a choice menu.

A set menu is as it sounds, a menu that you’ve chosen to give your guests. It’s simple and it means that everyone is eating the same.

A more popular option for brides and grooms is a choice menu. Included in your wedding invitations would be the menu options, and with the RSVP, the guests would return their menu choices.

For example: the choices for our wedding breakfast main dish are chicken, beef and cous cous. When our guests have sent back their RSVP’s, they’ve let us know if they wanted the beef, the chicken or the cous cous.

With the place settings, I’m going to print out copies of each menu so that guests know what they’re having on the day.


Budget Grub

While that title isn’t very flattering, we are all in a recession. With prices rising and savings falling, brides and grooms are on a budget.

Many wedding breakfasts can be served as a buffet. Guests would initially find their seats and once the buffet is open, help themselves. A hog roast is a fantastic alternative, it brings guests together to chat and it’s fun. Make sure you have alternatives for your vegetarian guests.


So Many Choices

Options for wedding menus are endless.

Talk to your venue’s wedding coordinator or your caterer. Make sure they know your budget so that they can suggest menus that suit your wedding.

Also, make sure your personality is reflected in your food. If you’re the type of person who likes simple food, don’t choose menus that are full of exotic complicated food. But if you’re a foodie who likes to coordinate wine with tastes and palate cleansers, go for something that suits you.

H2b and I chose the set menu for the wedding breakfast for simplicity. We gave guests the choice of two starters, two mains with one vegetarian option and two deserts. We liked the idea of a choice menu. My friend had a choice menu for her wedding and it was fun seeing what our friends were having for their meal, and having a little taste.

For our own wedding breakfast, h2b purposely chose a different desert to me so that we could taste each other’s desert. (He can be romantic sometimes!)

Keep checking back for more posts about wedding food!


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  2. The food is usually the most expensive part of the wedding. However, there are ways to cut down on your food budget and still enjoy your desired food choices. Try to set your reception in between 2 to 4pm, because the guest must have eaten their lunch, and will not be expecting a dinner. You can elegantly display light hors d'oeuvres – like cut-sandwiches with crust, Danish wedding cookies, and chocolates. Also, limit your drinks to water, soda, and punch.

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