Thursday, 24 November 2011

Looking at Wedding Photos!

Capturing the Emotion

My favourite part of wedding blogs is looking at the photos of other people’s weddings.

I am a huge huge fan of English but my favourite blog posts are those about the real weddings.

The wedding photos look so beautiful, and the people in the photos quite rightly look so happy. I almost feel as if it’s a glimpse into our future, a little peek at our wedding.


Photo from Annemarrie King Photographer

My absolute favourite blog to look at is Clive Blair’s blog, our photographer. His photos are absolutely amazing, and that is purely why we booked him. My favourite is looking on his blog at the weddings he’s photographed recently. It’s as if I’m looking at photos of what our wedding will be like.

I love the angles and the photo compositions. It’s as if they’re not just photos of what happened but they capture the atmosphere and the emotion of the moment.

I just love looking at wedding photos!

Some of the girls at work got married during the school summer holidays and they brought their stunning photo albums to work for everyone to see. That got the other ladies chatting about when they got married and everyone started bringing their wedding albums into work for us to see!


It was fun seeing the 60’s and 70’s weddings and seeing how everyone had changed since their weddings. It was strange seeing all the dresses because they were all so timeless, they could have been worn last week!

The flowers, too, were timeless, I’d seen one bouquet from an 80’s wedding in a recent wedding magazine of a wedding last June!

I really love looking at wedding photos! I always click on our photographer’s blog when he has new weddings!

When we were planning the budget for our wedding, we decided early on that a large part of that budget should be spent on our wedding photos. We had always agreed that we wanted a photographer who took amazing photos.

H2b and I are amateur photographers, and some of the photographers we saw took photos of a similar standard to those that we could take ourselves.


While I do like our photos, we wanted someone who was much, much better than we are! H2b and I wanted photos of the main events, the special expressions, the fine details, and much, much more. We were looking for photos we could hang on the wall, photos that we could later turn into thank you cards.

Wedding photos, for us, are absolutely key and that’s why I love looking at other people’s wedding photographs.

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