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Theme Weddings

Being Different

Some lucky people are able to go to a lot of goth weddingweddings! I haven’t been to as many as I’d like but those I have been to have followed the main traditions of that culture.

But what if you want to be different? What if you’ve had enough of white weddings and want to make a stand for individualism?

I think it is very important for every bride to have the wedding that she (and her h2b) wants. Forget convention, forget what other people want, just focus on what you (and h2b) want.

Here enters The Theme Wedding.

Theme Weddings

Theme weddings are unique in that they are all different, depending on your theme.

The Wedding House is famous for it’s unique, bespoke weddings. They have hosted a wide variety of different weddings from traditional to naturalist, and beyond.

wedding house

This photo of an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, but the theme of your wedding could be anything you’re interested in!

Top Wedding Themes

  1. Winter Wonderland
    Christmas or winter themed weddings are always popular.
christmas wedding 2 Christmas-Wedding-Reception-Details-1-2
winter wedding 2 winter wedding

Inspiration boards like these, found on Google, are great resources for finding inspiration for your themed wedding.

In the olden days, it was traditional for couples to be married on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Nowadays, that is cost prohibitive for many couples but Christmas or Winter themed weddings are still very popular.

I would love a Christmas wedding, except that I wouldn’t want to be on honeymoon during Christmas or New Year.

    2.   Medieval Weddings

Many couples love the romanticism of  kings and queens, knights and their ladies.

theme 1 medieval theme 2
medieval theme 3 medieval theme

It is important to note that brides didn’t start to wear white to their weddings until Queen Victoria made the colour fashionable in 1840 when she married Prince Albert, so it would be historically inaccurate for a bride to wear a white dress to a medieval wedding.

At a medieval wedding, a hog roast and goblets of wine would look fantastic!

    3.   Seaside Wedding

One of the easiest themes to produce, seaside themes are perfect for summer weddings, brides and grooms who enjoy surfing or for weddings abroad.

seaside 1 seaside 3
seaside 4 seaside 5

Sandy yellows, sky blues and sea greens often feature in seaside weddings along with sea shells, star fish and sea food.

Brides tend to go for light airy dresses, such as Grecian styles, or sheath dresses. Grooms dress much more informally in sandy coloured cotton suits and sometimes even sandals.

    4.   Star Wars/Star Trek Themes

A lot of Trekkies have sci fi themed weddings in honour of their favourite films and TV programmes.

Star Trek Wedding star wars

With guests in costume and themed food to suit your intergalactic guests you could almost imagine you were actually getting married in space! (Which you can do!)

    5.   Goth Weddings

While Goth weddings have been done and done again, it is a theme close to many hearts.


Goth weddings are all about dark purples and dark reds, using heavy white makeup and dark lipstick and eye liner. There’s a heavy use of black and silver giving an over all dramatic effect.

Wedding Themes

Your wedding theme could be anything from colour themes to EastEnders themed.

Other popular themes include:

  • Art Deco 1920’s
  • Summer
  • Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth
  • Football
  • Based on a book
  • Las Vagas/Casino
  • Pirates
  • Superheroes
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Wild West
  • Narnia
  • Black and white
  • 1940’s
  • Arabian nights
  • Favourite TV programme
  • Japanese
  • Butterfly
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Atlantis/Nautical
  • America
  • Hollywood

Theme ideas are endless! To make your wedding truly unique, you could suggest a theme that was individual to the two of you.

You could base your wedding on the place you met or something that you have in common.

Would I Have a Themed Wedding?


With guests already shelling out money on gifts, travel and accommodation I worry that asking them to dress up and buy costumes will mean that some guests might not be able to come.

Also, I feel that the day is about the commitment of two people who love each other, not about dressing up as a storm trooper.

However, I strongly believe that every bride and groom should have the wedding they have dreamt of. If it is your dream to marry your h2b dressed as Luke Skywalker then you should do it!

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