Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Photo Booth

Do It Yourself!

H2b has decided to have himself a project! He is going to make our photo booth!

We had hoped to borrow my friend’s fantastic photo booth however she has sold it, but I’m not surprised! It was such a fantastic idea! I’m sure we’re not the only ones who wanted it!

sophie 3

I have posted before about what a fantastic idea it was at my friend’s wedding and how much fun we had being a part of it. There’s a video on You Tube that will show you the photo booth in action. Soul Bird Photo did a fantastic job!

This is h2b’s project so I’m doing my best not to interfere. I do like to ‘help out’ (**cough”**beinchargeofeverything**cough**) so not helping is difficult!

He has decided on the width and the height, and now he’s choosing some wall paper.

Mum has very kindly offered to let us use the garage to construct the booth, but we’re stuck on transportation!


The booth will be roughly 4m2 with a fold in the middle, so transportation will be difficult. We’re trying to find a friend with a van/large car who would be kind enough to help us or let us hire their van/large car for an afternoon.

Alternatively, h2b is looking for ways to make it fold to fit in my dad’s car.

Also to go with the photo booth idea, we are after some props to go along with the booth so that once guests have drunkbooth props the drinks we have provided for them, they might be starting to feel a bit silly!

I have just discovered Little Retreats on and they are much more affordable than the items we found on ebay!

But you could find props from anywhere! A simple moustache on a stick is easy to make with some thick cardboard and a stick.

H2b is buying some lovely wall paper to back the wall. We have been looking for black and white wall paper and some interesting looking  and cheap frames. We want to make the photo booth look like a wall from a house.

photo booth

The more natural looking it is the better effect it will have in the photos. H2b is planning on adding a skirting board and a dado rail for an even better effect.

I think our booth is going to look amazing! I can’t wait to see what h2b gets up to but rest assured, there will be photos on here letting you know how the booth is getting on!

About the Booth

There are loads of blog posts about photo booths. They are so popular these days.

There are many different styles of photo booths available from electronic to home made. Some photo booths are simply a pretty piece of fabric, others are cut out wooden walls while others are electronic extravaganza's with bells and whistles.

Which ever style of booth you choose for your wedding, remember to make it fun, accessible and point your guests towards it!


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