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Dress Silhouettes

What Shape Will Suit You?

Many girls have dreamed about their wedding dress for years. We catch a glimpse of wedding carrie dresses in the boutiques, our friends get married and we all have an idea of what we want.

It is good for a bride to take a look at wedding dresses and make a list of the things you’d like on your wedding dress, for example: buttons, ties or zips at the back? Chiffon, satin or lace? Sparkles or no sparkles? Sweetheart neckline, square, strapless, rounded, halter neck?

However, and trust me because this is absolutely true, when you start trying the dresses on, your opinion will will change.

Taking all that into account, it’s important to be able to tell the lady in the dress shop the type of dress that you want. Armed with this little bit of information, you will be able to tackle the world of wedding dresses well prepared!

A-Line Silhouette

aline This classic and simple style flares out from the waist or hip to the ground in the shape of an A. It’s structured and boned, best suited to stiffer fabrics.

Who this dress suits

Everyone! The A-line hides and minimises bums and hips. It is the most universally flattering dress style, the A-line hug the waist and hides everything you don’t want to be seen, creating a slimmer waist line.

Dress tips

When choosing an A-line dress, think about the top half, try to get something that suits you and the dress. Also, long dresses to the floor can make a short person look shorter.

Ball Gown

ball gown This is a typical dress shape, usual for wedding dresses. It’s the fairy tale dress! As featured frequently on Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.

It has a fitted bodice, a natural waistline and a full, floor-length skirt.

Who this dress suits

The ball gown shape is really good for brides who will want to add curves and create a fuller bust.

Dress tips

Buy shoes that match with your dress. If you are planning on dancing the night away, then wear heels that will feel comfortable while dancing.

Column/Sheath Dress

sheath This type of dress is very sophisticated. The basic shape of this dress is a column, as it goes straight up and down and gently nips to fit the body. It’s a very versatile dress shape.

Who this dress suits

Generally, very slim brides wear sheath or column dresses however, a lot of dresses are boned and tailored to tuck and squeeze in all the right places.

Dress tips

If you're going for a column wedding dress shape, go for all out glamour with your accessories.

Empire-Line Dress

weddingdress_empire An empire line appears slightly under the bust, as seen in Jane Austen films. The dress could have different types of skirt, or a ball gown or A-line dress could have an empire line detail. This is a very romantic style of dress.

Who this dress suits

This is a great shape for every woman and really good for showing off a cleavage - even if you don't think you have one!

Dress tips

If you have a large bust and want an empire line, I’d suggest a minimising bra. Also, think of the hair style and accessories you choose to go with your empire dress as this will add to the over all effect of the dress.

Mermaid Dress

weddingdress_corset A mermaid dress is a bit like a sheath dress but the skirt flares out at the bottom. It’s an elegant cut and can be very flattering. It’s usually off the shoulder, fitted from the bust down to the knee where it flares out.

Who this dress suits

Like the column and sheath dresses, this style of wedding dress generally suits a very slim bride, however with the right cut and style, anyone could look good in a mermaid dress.

Dress tips

The key to wearing a mermaid dress is to get the neckline right and make sure that the curve on the waist and hip is just right.As always, great underwear is an absolute must, so a really good bra which lifts your boobs will do wonders for the mermaid shape dress.

You will probably have a preference of the dress type you would like to wear for your wedding. My advice is to look through magazines or google on the internet and cut out pictures of dresses you like. Show these pictures to the lady in the wedding dress shop and she will help you find the dress that’s right for you. However, be open to trying on dresses she suggests. She will have dressed hundreds of brides and will be able to guide you to your perfect dress.

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