Monday, 31 October 2011

Our Engagement Story

Just Us

Our engagement story isn’t as romantic as some, but it is very us. In fact, it’s probably perfect.


Every year, on our anniversary, we treat ourselves to a little trip away. On our 6th anniversary, we had a short city break in Nottingham.

Nottingham was h2b’s idea. He was inspired by the Robin Hood theme, and had ideas about going to Sherwood Forest. He booked a city centre hotel, very convenient, but what h2b didn’t realise is that Sherwood Forest is 21 miles outside of Nottingham.

He knew I’d love to be proposed to in the middle of an Autumn forest.

day in nottingham

We spent the day sight seeing around Nottingham. We went down in the caves that served as bomb shelters in the war, we went to Nottingham Castle and wandered around Nottingham itself.

Nottingham Castle was featuring a beer festival at the time, not the most romantic of occasions, but we managed to find a quiet corner in the love museum. We sat down, h2b reached inside his jacket…

But with me completely unaware of what was going to happen, I decided it was time to move on!

We walked through the market and went towards the Crime and Punishment museum.

c&p museum

H2b seemed a bit stressed and agitated. I thought he was just in one of his moods and was trying to be buoyant and enthusiastic.

Just as we approached the Crime and Punishment museum, h2b dashed across the road towards a church.

church 2

As you can see in this photo, h2b was looking fairly sheepish at this point. I did have an inkling that he might be planning on asking something. He knew how much I wanted to marry him and we had been together for six years, I hoped he might ask me on our anniversary.

He was getting a bit fed up, he told me afterwards, that he couldn’t find somewhere beautiful or picturesque to propose. He was searching all over the city for somewhere perfect.

H2b finally suggested we go into the quiet church grounds, I assumed to take photos of the interesting architecture. That’s the kind of thing we like to do.

Then h2b says, “I’m going to go down on one knee.”

I didn’t believe him and said, “Don’t tease me!”

But down he went, onto one knee, and that’s when I started to feel faint! H2b said, “Will you marry me?” And my vision started going grey! I almost passed out, was it shock or surprise I don’t know but h2b actually said,

“Are you going to say yes?”

I actually shouted, “Yes! Yes yes yes yes!”


The first person we told about our engagement was a lady sitting on the Crime and Punishment steps! We were so excited, we were just bursting to tell everyone!

The second person we told was the ticket office lady in the museum. She then told the tour guide who was in character as a prison guard! He picked on us for the whole tour, it was so much fun!


It wasn’t the most conventional of proposals but it was very much us. When I look back at our proposal memories, I wouldn’t change anything!

And that was October 2009.

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