Saturday, 5 March 2011

Another Item Booked!

Wedding Cars for Bride, Father-of-the-Bride and Bridesmaids!cars

We have booked our wedding cars! We went this morning, which was a struggle because I have an awful cold! This is dedication to the wedding, dragging myself out of bed to book wedding cars!

We went with The Wedding Car Company, who provide a mixture of vintage cars that are just absolutely gorgeous.

I would also completely recommend Platinum Wedding Cars. Without a doubt, the best wedding cars I have ever seen! The cars we saw at a Moat House wedding fayre were just inside beautiful. They had been lovingly restored to an outstanding quality, and the chaps who drove the cars were friendly and chatty. This picture to the right, from the Platinum Wedding Car website, shows the stunning quality that the cars have been restored to. The chair coverings felt like leather, I’m not sure if they were but that’s what they felt like, with lush carpets on the floors.

The drivers will do a trial drive from your start location and will trial run the entire route that the cars would take for your wedding, just to check for any problems. Their thorough, professional and outstanding service really blew me away! I would have booked them like a shot but they were already booked for my wedding date. 

You may think I’m on commission but this is my honest opinion. I’m really disappointed that I couldn’t book them because they were absolutely outstanding!

The cars we have booked from The Wedding Car Company are really lovely too! Another Austin Princess and a Daimler, beautiful cars. The lady we booked with was happy to let us look around as often and for as long as we needed to make a decision. As soon as we decided to book (they had the date available – yay!) it was as simple as leaving a 20% deposit. We filled in the details for where the wedding is and the colours for the wedding before we left.

As soon as we saw the cars, I knew the ones I wanted and that they would look stunning on our wedding day adorned in our wedding colours. They will look stunning in contrast with the bridesmaid dresses, not that they are booked or even measured yet! I know people are thinking we must be mad to be booking cars to early, but with the price of petrol rising every day, I wish we’d booked them earlier!

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