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Your Wedding Cars

Travelling in Style

First, decide what your style is! I was talking to a colleague at work about our wedding and she New Wedding6aassumed my style would be something ultra modern, maybe some executive cars similar to the ones shown right.

Executive Cars

That’s not my style but these cars are often a cheaper option for people who are on a budget. Very nice, very smart cars that look ultra chic with the ribbon and bows on ready for a wedding. Remember, if your reception venue is far from your ceremony venue, these cars can travel faster than a vintage car and will get you to your reception with time to spare!

I feel that vintage cars are more popular for weddings, but executive cars are overlooked as a nice, smart and more affordable option for a classic wedding. If your venue is a posh, modern hotel or or a chic cocktail bar, modern executive cars could be the cars for you. A friend of mine chose executive cars for his wedding and they did look lovely in the wedding. His bride said that they were very professional and very comfortable. This may be the way to go for your wedding. images

Off the Wall

Perhaps, your style is a bit quirky. Your dress may get a bit squished in a car like this, however they would add a wonderfully quirky touch to your wedding. Use your imagination, this is your big day, the possibilities are endless. However cute the smart car is, you wouldn’t be able to fit your bridesmaids in the back.

This sort of idea would be fantastic for a wedding that’s already different from the norm. If you’re after an unusual wedding why not also have unusual cars! Run the theme all the way through your wedding.

Vintage Cars41072_419546623314_532143314_4963932_5259252_n

Most weddings these days will use vintage cars, however I am a believer in not doing something just because everyone else is. I like the vintage cars, but there are many different types.

The picture shown here is the car my friend and her father rode in to the church, and then her husband and herself rode to the reception venue. It’s a 1938 Wolsey. The late 30’s and 40’s cars add a real touch of class to any wedding, traditional or modern. Lovingly restored and maintained, these cars are just a wonderful accessory to any wedding pictures. The 30’s and 40’s cars tend to come in cream, or cream and black. My mother doesn’t like this, especially as I’m having a lilac and white wedding, but I personally feel it’s the whole car that makes the difference, not the colour of the car. If you have a white car or a cream car, I don’t think anyone will notice. My friend’s wedding was a purple wedding and didn’t feel the colour of the cars took anything away from that. They added a gorgeous classic element to the wedding. 1964 Austin Princess 7 Seater Limousine

The Wolsey was a 6 seater, and was a snug fit for all us bridesmaids and the bride’s mother.

There are some younger vintage cars, namely the Austin Princess and Daimlers.  These are also lovely classic cars and are slightly more modern than the 30’s and 40’s cars. The Austin Princess is from around 1963, and Daimlers are around 1970. The picture here is of a 1964 Austin Princess.

The Austin Princess is a 7 seater, and from what I’ve seen is quite spacious. I’m a bit in love with the 60’s and I absolutely adore these cars. The benefit of the slightly more modern cars is that they travel that little bit faster. This makes me sound like I’m obsessed with speed, but if you’re like me and your wedding venue is a bit of a distance from your reception venue then time is of the essence. ROLLS ROYCE 039

If you would like to go a bit more up to date, there are 1970’s and 80's cars available. This is where Rolls Royces and Jaguars will come in. These cars are still highly prestigious and look stunning in wedding photos. If you want something vintage, but not too vintage, then these cars are for you. You can have the elegance of a vintage car with the convenience of a modern engine.

Increasingly popular, pink-hummer-limoand quite often featured on Big Fat Gypsy Weddings are stretch limos!  Not quite to my taste but they can look fairly breath taking, and fabulous in those all important wedding photos. You and your attendants can travel in style, and with lots of room to celebrate in the comfort of a limo. Limousines are fairly high status and stand out amongst other wedding cars. If your dream wedding consists of lavish expense then this mode of transport is for you!

Depending on what you want, there are a number of wedding car services in the West Midlands, here’s a brief selection:

Classic, vintage cars

Executive cars

You can see from the number of companies available that vintage and classic cars tend to be more popular than executive cars, but why not break the mould and go for something different to help your wedding stand out?


  1. Haha... using a smart car for your wedding is really unique, especially if you add quirky decors. Your wedding will surely be cool with these cars!

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  3. Vintage cars are an appealing choice for weddings because these symbolize a long life of married life. My sister who got married recently used an old model BMW. The couple looked lovely as they rode off to their honeymoon. It was beautiful!

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