Sunday, 20 March 2011


Things are Progressing

We have now booked our DJ are looking into booking a beautician. I’ve got a few I’m considering. IMG_1801

My method to choosing a service provider is to compare prices and services and then to go with my gut. I’m waiting for a quote from a lady I met at the Mount wedding fayre, Judy Pendrill, who I really liked.

We have booked our DJ through our venue which means he’s a little bit cheaper. It also means that our wedding coordinator at the venue will sort it all out for us so we don’t need to really think about that part of the wedding for a while.

Most things on our list have been ticked off! We’ve just got wedding gifts, the beautician and female clothes to sort out. Once that’s done, all that needs to be updated is the fine detail. I’m actually looking forward to the fine detail more than anything else! It’ll make the wedding all that little bit more real. It still seems so far away, that’s the problem with planning a wedding two and a half years in advance.

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