Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Berketex Bride

Trying on Wedding Dresses

I have actually tried some wedding dresses on! Five in fact, four I tried in Berketex. I can’t wedding-dress-rack actually show pictures of the dresses because my H2B reads my blog.

We were actually walking past the Berketex, my mother and I, and we thought why not pop in for a little look. The little look actually lasted almost an hour!

I have a fairly clear idea of what I want in a wedding dress, my mother has a clear idea of what she wants in a wedding dress and luckily there is some overlap. We had a quick look through the dresses to see what was there but it’s difficult to tell if you like a dress from how it hangs on a hanger.

The lady who served us at Berketex was called Amanda and she was so nice and helpful! I think she was really aware that not only is it an expensive purchase but it’s also an important decision. I’m only ever going to  have one wedding dress: I’ve got to love it, I’ve got to want it and it’s got to be perfect! I did find one I really really liked, called Honey. (I can’t put a picture of it but if you click on the name, it’ll take you directly to the wedding-dressesdress.)

Amanda was really nice and got out all the dresses we’d chosen from looking through on the rail. Mum insisted on me trying on a dress I really didn’t like and thankfully Amanda didn’t show it to us. She was really patient and spent a lot of time with us one on one. We did happen to be the only people in the shop, I think it was early in the morning on a week day in half term when there weren’t many people around.

We were allowed to take pictures of the dresses on which was really useful because I was able to look at the pictures later in the day.

Berketex offer an interest free payment plan which I think is fantastic considering the price of some wedding dresses! You can spread the cross over time instead of paying out a chunk when there are so many service providers out there who want large chunks of your wedding savings!

There are many benefits when you choose to buy your wedding dress from a chain. You know for sure that they are reliable and probably aren’t going to suddenly go bust leaving you without the most important dress of your very special day. They also provide bridesmaid dresses, wedding shoes, tiaras and veils.

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