Thursday, 10 March 2011

My Little Achievements

I’ve Lost Another Kilo!

Many brides lose weight for their wedding. The pressure of looking their best  and the photo

lose weight

s that will last a lifetime is too much and we just want to look fabulous! The wedding dress diet comes in. Even Kate Middleton, who looks stunning anyway, is on a wedding dress diet!

I hate to admit this, but I am on a wedding dress diet. This will be a controversial but the diet I am on is healthy eating and exercise. Incidentally, this is not a picture of me! (I wish it was!)

I started at 78kgs and UK size 16 just after my h2b proposed to me. Now, a year later (so it hasn’t been the fastest weight loss in the world) I’m 75kgs and size 14. It’s my belly that’s the worst bit, and my arms, so they’re what I’m focusing on.

I’m not weighing myself on the scales everyday as weight fluctuates, I might weigh myself once or twice in fortnight.

I have been changing aspects of my lifestyle. Fad and short term diets aren’t effective in the benefits-losing-weight long run. I want something that will start me on the road to being generally more healthy.

At work, I used to eat a biscuit (or two) at least every day, now I don’t have one at all. However, I am still hungry. I take in a banana or fruit of some kind to replace the biscuit, and as time goes on, I find that I don’t need a biscuit anymore. I’m not even craving one.

I’ve also cut down on portion size. I’m not sure if my portions were too big before, but I have bought smaller bowls for breakfast and I use smaller plates for my dinner. For lunch at work, I used to make a sandwich and then pack my lunchbox full of snacky extras. Now I’m packing a sandwich and a piece of fruit or low fat yoghurt. Yoghurt has a low glycemic index, which means it will keep you fuller for longer and it’s excellent for weight loss, as long as it’s low fat and low sugar. I’m eating the Muller Light yoghurts as they’re bigger than some other yoghurts but still only 85 calories at pot.

As for exercise, I’m going to zumba with some of the girls from work and I’m going to aerobics with mum on a Monday and Thursday. They are all really good work outs and I think zumba is the sole reason I’ve lost my extra 1kg.

I will keep you posted on my weight loss progress. They  may not be anything more to report but I will keep going to exercise and keep eating healthily and reducing my portion size and see what happens.

NB: If anyone reading this a nutritionist or a dietician, I’d be happy to make any corrections if something is wrong. Or if you have some advice to offer it would be much appreciated!

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