Wednesday, 2 March 2011

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My business cards have come for my blog! Yay! I used vista print as they do nice business cards. I am really pleased with them and I’ve already started handing them out at work!

I think it’s important to advertise my blog as I’m trying to bring services together with real brides, services that I’ve experienced myself and I can give you my honest opinion without all that sales talk. Of course, it is all just my opinion because it’s my blog, and you can take my opinion with a pinch of salt, but I am trying to be honest as best I can.

Plus, you can follow my experiences as I plan my wedding and see that you’re not alone. I had some really good responses from my post about struggling with the guest list, a lot of recently wed and soon-to-be wed people were feeling my pain, one of my readers saying, ‘It genuinely delights me that someone else is stressing about this as much as I was. Have fun :o) I offended people in groups. You can either offend all your cousins or no cousins. Likewise work colleagues.’ At least I’m not the only one!

Ideas for the future are

  • A forum for brides and grooms and concerned parties to write their own comments about their weddings
  • A chatroom where brides, grooms and everyone else can share tips and ideas aout weddings
  • A Craig’s List/Gumtree type arena for matching up suppliers with brides (I certainly need something like that for finding some wedding cars!)

Keep posted for more updates and check out my blog! Keep an eye out for my business cards!

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