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Your Florist

Must Ask Questions for Your Florist

Choosing your flowers is difficult. I saw three florists and thought I’d never be able to choose a florist before I finally settled on Flowers by Andrew. jellybean- flowers-table- centrepieces-wallpaper[4]

Here are some must ask questions for your florist:

  1. Can we see examples of your work?
    It is essential that you see some examples of their work just to check that they can actually do what they say they can. Look at their arrangements, are you impressed? Do you think it’s beautiful?
  2. What ideas can you give me within my budget?
    Your budget is a huge factor in every element of your wedding. Finding a florist that can work within your budget is essential. Your florist will also be the expert in providing a service that fits inside a budget, so this is a very important question.
  3. Would you be prepared to do a mock-up of a bouquet before the day?
    Not all florists will do this as it will cost them money. It might be included in your quote. However, telb1w[3] it does give you an idea of how your bouquet will look and feel for The Day.
  4. Will I have to pay travel costs?
    This will depend on the distance the florist will have to travel. I would always recommend choosing service providers that are either local to your reception or ceremony venues.
  5. When would I need to make payments?
    You will be expected to leave a deposit when you book the flowers and then a final payment would be at some point before your wedding day.
  6. How far in advance would I need to place my order?
    You know from reading my blog that I believe booking as early as possible means cheaper 5a1f39f79a4bef71_wedding_flowers_02_thumb[4] prices, however that’s not always true. Ask your florist for advice on when the best time is to book.
  7. What will be delivered, when and where? Will you need access to water?
    The answer to this question will depend a lot on what you want for your wedding day. The main things you will want delivered will be the buttonholes and the bouquets. To save money on delivery, you could ask a friend to collect the buttonholes to get them to your fiancé and his groomsmen.
  8. Who will set up the flowers?
    Usually the florist will set up the flowers themselves. A good florist will show pride in their work and will want to display it to its best. Some florists will deliver the flowers to your venue and allow your venue people to put the flowers out.
  9. How long will you need to set up?
    Your florist will no doubt ask you what time your wedding is, to ensure the bouquets are delivered well in Am1GEmWh_thumb[4] time. S/He will want to know what time your reception starts to ensure that everything is set up at your venue well ahead of time.
  10. Do you charge for breakages?
    The answer to this question will more than likely be: yes.
  11. Do you provide bay trees and other accessories?
    You might want other little touches to your wedding such as mirror plates and tea lights which some florists provide. There may be a charge but some florists will throw Table 3_thumb[2] those in for free.
  12. Can you get flowers in unusual colours such as green or black?
    A good florist can. A friend of mine wants green gerberas in her bouquet and her florist will provide them. She is going to have to use ink to change the colour of the flowers but it can be done.

Good luck choosing your florist! You could leave a comment here to tell me about your florist experience.

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