Saturday, 12 March 2011

Wow for Your Wedding

My Search Continues

Candy Floss

In my search for something wow for your wedding, I have found some things that are definitely candyflossunique! H2b was very keen but I’m not so sure, it’d be interesting to see what you think.

A candy floss machine! It was offered by 200% Sound: Shropshire Finest Disc Jockey at £50 an hour, minimum 2 hours.

They offer a candy floss machine, suitable for any number of guests, unlimited coloured and flavoured candyfloss, freshly made for your guests. The machine serves around 2 per minute. Colours and flavours include vanilla pink, blue raspberry, strawberry pink, lemon yellow, orange and green apple.

Included in the hire place is the candyfloss machine, staff hire, sticks and bags for the candyfloss, unlimited amounts of candy floss, uniformed staff and a wide range of colours and flavours.

I think this would be a lovely idea for a summer wedding where your guests may be hanging around while photos are taken. It’s a good idea for keeping kids occupied and might be an idea for evening buffet only weddings.


Similar to the candy floss, 200% Sound: Shropshire Finest Disc Jockey offer a Image67 popcorn service. Unlimited flavour of popcorn freshly made and served by their staff in cones for your guests. The popcorn machine can continuously make popcorn for the duration of the event, keeping it warm and fresh.

The cost of this fun, unique activity is £50 an hour, minimum 2 hours.

The choice of flavours are caramel, chocolate, sweet, salted and butter.

Included in the hire price is the popcorn machine, staff hire, cones, unlimited flavoured popcorn and uniformed staff.

Again, it’s a nice idea for a wedding that’s buffet only as guests will have chance to get a bite to eat earlier on. Or you could have it instead of an evening buffet. Maybe you have a Hollywood or cinema themed wedding, popcorn would be perfect.

Other Providers:

I have googled and searched and yelled but I can’t find anyone else who offers this in the West Midlands. If you know anyone else who offers this I would be happy to include them in this post so do send me a comment about it.

There are some interesting ideas for adding a bit of wow to your wedding. These ideas are definitely unique! If you’d like to have one of these services at your wedding, let me know and share your experiences!

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