Saturday, 15 October 2011

175 Days to Go!

A Quick Update

Things are progressing nicely!

I’m still waiting to hear from the florist I liked with a quote for the wedding flowers but other than that, things appear to be sorted!


I’ve been measured for my dress, my bridesmaids have been measured for their dresses. My niece is just about to be measured for her dress.

I’ve sourced a bulk buy of sweets for the wedding favours and have made all the seating cards. I just bought some more ribbon and sequins to make the seating plan, but obviously I can’t start that until all the RSVP’s are in.

I’ve confirmed with the transportation and the makeup artist. She sent me an email checking times and arrangements so that’s all organised too.

The wedding rings are very much sorted, which is quite exciting! Seeing as they are an eternal symbol of our commitment, knowing that they’re finished is fairly exciting!


Another rather exciting part of the wedding is that a lot of our guests have booked hotel rooms at the reception venue! To get the wedding discount, rooms need to be prepaid so we can be sure that those guests will definitely be attending the wedding! Yay!

We have chosen the readings and hymns for the wedding. I won’t reveal the readings we’ve chosen as I don’t want to ruin any surprises, but if you want to get some practicing in, our hymns are going to be:

I was thinking of putting the lyrics to All Things Dull and Ugly alongside the lyrics for All Things Bright and Beautiful and giving guests the opportunity to choose which they’d like to sing.


The photographer and the reception venue are all sorted. Well, I’m still collecting numbers and food choices but that’s sorted really. And we’re thinking about our engagement photo shoot. I think I’m going to have to try not to do my standard photo smile…


(Chin out, forehead tilted towards the camera, full cheeks, standing slightly off front to the camera.) But that’s not easy to do!

We haven’t got gifts for any of the key people in the wedding yet, but I was thinking of ordering those from our wedding savings during the Christmas school holidays.

The men’s suits are sorted out, the men only need to be measured just before the wedding.

So yay! It’s all going well … so far!  

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