Monday, 24 October 2011

No Updates!

It’s All a Bit Slow…

The main benefit to planning my wedding two and a half years before W-Day is that it’s a very relaxed, easy way to plan. I have lots time to change my mind, to find the best suppliers, to look around and book things. I have the piece of mind that everything is ready well in advance.


I can lie back and relax!

The only thing is that it’s not terribly exciting. I can go weeks at a time and not do anything wedding related! With 5 months, 13 days to go I would have thought I’d be doing some more wedding related things but it’s not happening.

My niece is going to be measured for her little bridesmaid dress soon, which I’m really looking forward to. That will be fun. We’re looking at evening invitations and h2b is making that photo booth. I’ve just bought some baskets to make my loo baskets.

One thing that I am thinking about is my outfit for the engagement photo shoot. Our photographer does pre-wedding photo shoots. I think it’s really useful because we’ll learn how to pose and get used to having our photos taken. I love having my photo taken but I’m not sure the best way to pose to maximise my assets. lose weight

And losing weight is going well too. I’m walking to work to lose weight and it seems to be working. I did have a week break because of being ill but otherwise it’s going well. I think I’ve lost another kilo! But don’t worry, that’s not a picture of me! I actually do need to lose weight because I am over weight with a BMI of 28 and a wedding is as good a reason as any to lose weight.

Other than that, there’s nothing else to write about. My job is taking up a lot of my time but at the weekends I’m all keen to do wedding things. H2b is really looking forward to making the wedding photo booth and I can’t wait to see what it looks like! I will definitely post updates about the booth, and I’ll do my own ‘How to’ guide when it’s finished. We were out buying frames for the wall, yesterday.

sophie 3

We’re still thinking of seating in the booth. I thought we could use the chairs at the venue but I think h2b is planning on finding something a little nicer.

One of my friends has been kind enough to let us use his car to transport the booth to the venue.

Hmm, maybe I do have some updates!

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