Sunday, 2 October 2011

Wedding Fayre Oct 2011

Chillington Hall

H2b and I went to a wedding fayre at Chillington Hall today.

Chillington Hall is a gorgeous venue anyway. The only reason we didn’t book was because we didn’t want a marquee, however now we’ve seen the marquee we were thinking it’s fairly spectacular!

chillington hall

There were all sparkly lights in the ceiling with amazing candle chandeliers hanging down. There’s a balcony terrace type area outside the marquee that just looks amazing.  

H2b and I were really thinking about our wedding choices but I think our wedding will be special because it’s for the two of us!

The Exhibitors

The Flower Shop

We went to the wedding fayre mainly to see the florist that I really liked, The Flower Shop. The flower displays were absolutely amazing, they had every different style from the tall, graceful and striking displays to the gorgeous short vases that I like. They had different styles of bouquet and boutonniere, and even an large urn with a fantastic display at the top.

I think it’s a lot easier to get a picture of your day when you see the flowers featured at a wedding fayre and we saw some fantastic displays!

assorted flowers

Poor h2b had been dragged out of bed early on a Sunday morning so he wasn’t getting as excited as he would if he’d had his full Sunday sleep but he seemed impressed too! 

Platinum Wedding Cars

My favourite car company, who were unfortunately already booked on our wedding date, were exhibiting too.

I cannot adequately describe how exquisite their wedding cars are. They’ve been restored to an extremely high standard and look amazing! The doors open the opposite way to your every day cars so that your photographer can get some fantastic shots of your dress.

brianandvicky-Austin Princess Limousine

All their prices include ribbons to your taste and a rear window floral arrangement.

Platinum Wedding Cars is a full-time family run business dedicated to providing high class wedding day transport at sensible prices. Their attention to detail and flexible, personal service guarantees you complete piece of mind and a day to remember.

Ellen O’Connor Bridal Jewellery

I liked Ellen O’Connor Bridal Jewellery because it was bespoke and made to your own design.

The designs that were exhibited were beautiful, with matching sets and unique pieces.


I’m a huge fan of everything sparkly and some of the tiaras really caught my eye. They were fairly affordable too!

Carole Gregory of Celebration Cakes

I wish I had copies of the cake pictures! The wedding cakes were fabulous, I had a delicious slice of fruit and h2b had some of the chocolate. Very tastey!

Carole makes the most amazing cakes! She had one four tier square cake with a cascade of white and pink orchids. I couldn’t tell if the orchids were real or fabric so I reached out to touch, but it was made from sugar!


It seems as if Carole can make cake look like anything! We saw a pizza cake (a normal cake to look like pizza), a poker themed cake, a kebab cake (again a normal cake made to look like a kebab) and a tea set complete with cake ‘tea’. Carole has even made a bonsai tree cake!

I can’t imagine the time and the skill it would take to create a fantastic cake like that, it was amazing!

Greswolde Photography

The final exhibitor I really liked was really impressed with was Greswolde Photography by Martyn Greswolde. Martyn uses Jorgensen albums which are like the Queensberry albums I’ve written about before.

I really liked all Martyn’s photos, the atmosphere and the shots were just spectacular. It’s hard to imagine that someone with that kind of photography skill would be based in Wolverhampton! I’d expect them to be in London or near Birmingham!


This mixture of fantastic photography and gorgeous Jorgensen albums means that your wedding photos will be something to treasure.

Browse through Martyn’s website to get a better idea of his wedding style. I always suggest looking at a photographer’s blog before booking. And remember, it’s worth appointing a large portion of your budget for wedding photography!

Chillington Hall Wedding Fayre

It was a rather good wedding fayre! When we went to look around Chillington Hall as a possible wedding venue, it was off season and the marquee had been put away. We hadn’t been able to see it all set up with the gorgeous twinkly lights and the chandeliers.. If we had, I’m not sure where we’d be holding our reception.

I definitely recommend Chillington Hall!

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