Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Christmas Wedding

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

If I wasn’t having an Easter wedding, I’d have a June wedding, but if I didn’t have a June wedding, I would love a Christmas wedding.

We were looking around venues at Christmas time and they were all decorated ready for a Christmas wedding.


I was so tempted to change our wedding date to Christmas, with all the warm colours and rich decorations, it was difficult not to want a Christmas wedding.

Christmas weddings can be as expensive as peak time weddings however, everyone will already be in a party mood and will be more willing to meet up. Many employers have a longer holiday allowance at this time of year so guests can be more flexible.


This ideas board from Favour Ideas shows how beautiful a Christmas wedding can be! All the bright lights, snow, stars and winter flowers – a Christmas wedding can be magical!

Religious Ceremony

Most churches are already decorated for Christmas so that you will save costs there. (This is also true for Easter, although some churches ask for a small donation towards the flowers.)


There are a plethora of colours available to a bride wanting a Christmas wedding:

Reds Greens Metals Blues
  • Burgundy
  • Hunter
  • Gold
  • Powder
  • Maroon
  • Forest
  • Silver
  • Ice
  • Crimson
  • Emerald

  • Royal



  • Midnight
  • christmas colours

    I put this ideas board together from pictures from Google but you could put some ideas together using your preferences. On Google you can sort by colour to pick out specific inspiration.


    Christmas is a very traditional time of year to get married. In the olden days, brides and grooms would regularly get married on Christmas eve. By getting married in the Christmas season, you would be reviving a tradition.


    Christmas wedding outfits are luxurious and vibrant. Leave chiffon and organza to Spring brides, Christmas brides can have velvet and taffeta.

    winter wedding

    Even if you want to avoid the hem of fluff around your shoulders, consider a shrug or a wrap to keep you and your bridesmaids warm in your fabulous dresses.

    Christmas brides tend to use a lot of red in their colours. You could consider a fabulous red Christmas dress, or red accents on your dress if you didn’t want to go fully red.

    Your Transportation

    In the middle of winter, with the threat of snow looming, you wouldn’t be criticised for booking a horse and sleigh for your wedding transportation! You may even find you need a sleigh with the winters we’ve been having recently.

    It can sometimes be thought of as cheesy, but a horse drawn carriage adds a touch of magic to any wedding but in winter it’s that extra bit of winter. (Remember to have something to keep you warm and have a plan B in case of rain!)

    The Food

    Everyone will be in the Christmas mood so a Christmas menu will not be out of place! Turkey, roast vegetables, gravy and chicken would all be fantastic choices for the Christmas bride.

    Alternatively, you could give guests a break from the traditional Christmas food and go for something completely different.

    Christmas Wedding Flowers

    You may be thinking that your options are limited at this time of year but remember that flowers are grown in green houses all year round! Spring and Summer flowers will be slightly more expensive in Winter, but there are some lovely Winter flowers available to the Christmas bride.

    winter flowers

    In Season Flowers:

    All flowers look beautiful but it is important for brides to have the flowers they want. Think about your budget for flowers and speak to your florist about how you can best achieve your ideas while staying within your budget.


    This may sound obvious, but you can have Christmas crackers for your wedding favours! They come in so many different colours that it’s easy to fit in with any colour scheme and you can fill them with your own gifts. It’s worth having a Christmas wedding just for the wedding favours!


    Guests will feel seasonal and celebratory with these fantastic wedding favours. It’s also an ice breaker, asking the person next to them to help them pull their cracker!

    It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

    Christmas weddings are amazing, there’s no doubt about that. Visit your wedding venue at Christmas to see all the possibilities.

    I love Christmas so much that I couldn’t have a wedding at Christmas because I like to focus on Christmas, however for those brides who love to be snuggled up in a warm blanket, who love celebrating and adore Christmas or winter colours, the Christmas season is perfect!

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