Monday, 24 October 2011

Of All the Seasons: Spring

Why Did We Choose Spring?

Our wedding is in five months, two weeks which means that it will be in spring!

There are a few reasons why we chose a Spring wedding.



My main idea was that a Spring wedding would be cheaper than a summer wedding. I am constrained by school holidays so that a honeymoon wouldn’t be much cheaper than the summer, but the other costs would be marginally cheaper. Flowers, cars and venue are all more expensive during peak times.

Also, depending on when the Easter school holidays fall, a Spring wedding could be off peak. Weddings between October – March (excluding Christmas) are cheaper than weddings from April – September.


With so many guests arriving from abroad, and with our honeymoon, we were hoping that the costs of flights would be lower than the summer. Hotels here and on our honeymoon will hopefully be cheaper. We are only just within the peak time for weddings so we are trying to take advantage of costs.


Spring flowers are my favourites, and while flowers don’t really interest h2b, I love Spring flowers.

spring flowers

There are so many different colours, flowers and smells. There are lots of in season British blooms to help decorate your wedding and to include in your bouquet.

My bouquet will include orchids and freesias, two very much in season flowers for Spring. Other in season flowers include:

Most flowers can be used all year round because of different growing conditions. However, it is still cheaper to choose flowers that are in season for your wedding.


The last two Easters have been blisteringly hot! Shorts weather! I know that there is no guarantee of getting the weather you’re hoping for on your wedding day, but with Easter being sunnier than summer two years in a row, I am going to cross my fingers!


Although, while I do want some beautiful weather for our wedding, I recently read some fantastic advice from The Bridal Coach. I’ve started following her on Twitter and she has heaps of bridal advice. Recently she tweeted:

BRIDE TIP:Focus on what you want to happen on your wedding day, not what you don’t want to happen

With regards to weather, I think that’s one of the best tips a bride can have!

Cost, Flights, Flowers, Weather

Those are the reasons we chose to have our wedding in Spring.

There are a few reasons we shouldn’t get married in Spring: I will be working up until the day before our wedding. If we’d got married in the Summer school holidays, I’d have a few weeks to prepare for the wedding, but with being at work, I’ll have to fit in jobs in the evenings!

I’m sure everything will turn out for the best. Working will keep me busy and stop me thinking about the wedding, and stop me getting stressed about it.

165 days to go!

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