Friday, 28 October 2011

A Bottle of Pop

I’m Like a Bottle of Fizzy Pop!

I am excited about marrying my h2b. So excited, more excited than I can express! When I think about it my heart starts pounding, my face breaks out into a huge smile and I get a little light headed!

H2b is an amazing, wonderful man! He makes me happier than I have the words to describe! He is so talented, patient, kind, loving; he’s the absolute best! Which is lucky, because I’m marrying him.

h2b upside down

I’m so proud of h2b, I love introducing him as my fiancé.

There are so many different elements of the wedding that I’m super excited about.

Being Married to H2b

Obviously, the whole point of this song and dance is to be married to my h2b. I’m excited about being his wife, I’m excited that he’ll be my husband. It’s like a commitment, something to solidify our relationship.

Some people think there’s little point in getting married when you already live together but I think it’s nice. I feel as if it’s more permanent.

A New Name

I’m excited about changing my last name. I know not everyone likes to change their last name, but I’m looking forward to it. We will be a family and have the same name, that’s really exciting too.

signing-the-register (1)

A Big Party

The whole day is going to be a party! It’s the celebration, everyone there for us to celebrate our marriage! A lot of my friends have said it’s very overwhelming when you see all the people who are there to celebrate your marriage.

As part of our evening reception, I’m looking forward to cutting the cake and the first dance. The first dance will be the start of the evening party which hopefully will mean we kick it off well.

Part of the evening reception will be the photo booth h2b is building. I’m so excited about seeing it and about using it! I’m also hoping that h2b will show everyone some of his hot dancing moves!

My Dress

This is the only day in my entire life where I can legitimately wear a huge white dress.

aire_barcelona ROSA CLARÁ bridal gown

I love my dress, last time I tried it on I didn’t want to take it off, even though it wasn’t my exact dress and it didn’t actually fit properly! It’s beautiful and sparkly and big. Not too big, just big enough.

I’m going to wear it the entire day and really make the most of it!

Being Made Up

I’m excited about having my bridesmaids come to my parent’s house and us all getting ready together!

I keep imagining waking up on the morning of our wedding and having breakfast, my friends come round and we start getting ready together. I’m having my hair and my makeup done because when else will I have the opportunity to ask someone else to do my makeup?

Then the flowers will be delivered which is exciting too! I’m really looking forward to seeing what my bouquet and the bridesmaid’s bouquets will look like. My mum’s corsage and dad’s boutonniere.

The Transportation

We have booked a large red bus and classic cars for our wedding. I cannot wait to see what they look like!


A friend of mine from work also used the same bus company as me and she said that they were fantastic! (She used them on my recommendation! Yay!)

My dad is really looking forward to the bus as well because he may have gone to school on this bus when he was a little-un!

I’m keen to encourage my guests to use it to save on travel costs. It would be fun, a bit like a party bus!

I’m also excited to travel in our classic cars. They look super comfortable and very posh. We will have some fantastic photos.

A Bottle of Pop

I’m just excited about everything! And knowing the bridesmaid dresses are ready and looking fabulous is just one more thing to make me super happy!


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