Friday, 20 January 2012

Cake Topper

It Looks Just Like Us!

For a wedding present, my little brother has bought our cake topper. I’m really looking forward to it because the lady who makes them is fantastic!

The cake toppers can look exactly like you and your h2b. There are many different cake toppers. At the cheaper end of the market, Hobby Craft has a few that you could personalise, or if you’re after something a bit more unique, the better cake toppers can cost up to £140.


I chose Art Locke Designs because I thought they were the cutest, the best proportioned and the most life like. I really liked the detail on both the bride and the groom. The hair colours, the skin tones, the details on the dress, I think they’re amazing!

They are five inches high, roughly, and sit atop your cake, or wherever you choose to place them.

As time is approaching our wedding date, I need to get the details sent off to the cake topper lady so that she can start designing and making our topper.


We’re not having pets or props on our cake topper, we haven’t yet had a pet together.. But the detail and the accuracy is amazing.

I’m going to have to have our cake topper sent to my parent’s house, they are so life like that h2b would see my dress! Nightmare!

ART1 (1)

I love the detail in this photo, on the lace in the dress and the colours in the fish. The hair style and the veil, the colours in the flowers are so amazing and to such a high quality.

Once I’ve sent in the questionnaire, the lady who makes the toppers will send us a picture of the almost finished topper. When we say that’s brilliant, she’ll finish it and send it out to us. I can’t wait to see it! It’s going to be amazing!

I haven’t returned the questionnaire yet as I haven’t bought my tiara yet. I wanted to send a photo of my tiara so that the lady knows exactly what it looks like.

So exciting!!

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